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Starting in 1990

Thousands of companies from the technology and telecommunications industries have set up shop in an area known as the Dulles Technology Corridor in Northern Virginia. This is where one of G&D’s largest international subsidiaries is based. Giesecke & Devrient America, Inc., with its 500 employees, services the North American markets for banknote processing systems and services, smart cards, and mobile security solutions.

In 1990, a G&D subsidiary, Giesecke & Devrient America, Inc., was established in Reston, Virginia initially to sell, produce, and support banknote processing systems to its central bank customers. It was from these auspicious beginnings, that G&D began offering banknote processing systems and solutions to commercial banks, transit authorities, armored carriers, and casinos in North America.

Expanding the business

G&D | G&D in North America

G&D expanded its business in the mid-1990's to include cards and card systems, eventually acquiring Cardtech, Inc., in 1997. Since then, its offerings have included solutions for governments and government agencies, wireless operators, financial institutions, the health care industry, protected access, electronic identification, and public key infrastructures.

December 1999 saw G&D open a newly constructed, 134,500 sq. ft. production facility in nearby Dulles, Virginia. The site is the North American headquarters of G&D and is supported by software delivery and support organizations in Atlanta and Vaughan, Ontario, as well as a sales office in San Jose and a production center in Twinsburg, Ohio. G&D has over 500 employees in the areas of development, sales, marketing, customer support, and production for the Banknote Processing, Mobile Security and Government Solutions divisions in this region.

G&D supplies Universal Integrated Circuit Cards (UICC) – the new SIM – and lifecycle management services to over 50 network operators in the US, Canada and the Caribbean. From the card production facility in Twinsburg, G&D produces contactless and traditional magnetic stripe cards for banks, transit authorities and government agencies. G&D leads the US market with nearly 100 million contactless card deliveries.

G&D has strong and extensive relationships with the majority of stakeholders in the emerging Near Field Communication (NFC) market. This creates an ideal position from which to lead mobile payments and deliver new innovations to their North American customer base.

A leading provider of banknote processing systems

G&D | G&D in North America

Innovation also played a key role in establishing G&D as a leading supplier of banknote processing systems to the US casino market. G&D was first to develop and produce banknote processing systems capable of simultaneously processing currency and bar coded TITO tickets used to track wagering at slot machines. This key innovation enabled casino operators to significantly reduce the costs associated with processing currency and tickets and ultimately resulted in the sale of over 180 banknote processing systems to over 100 clients in the world’s largest casino market.

G&D’s Banknote Processing division has also established itself as the number one provider of high speed currency processing systems to the commercial banking, transit and CIT industries in the region.