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Four billion cards produced and delivered to customers in China and around the world in the past 20 years

G&D | G&D in China

On May 28, the staff of Huangshi G&D Wanda and G&D’s management team in China celebrated the 20th anniversary of the foundation of G&D’s first company in China and the opening of the G&D Wanda plant. The story of G&D in China is one of a prosperous and continuously growing card business, with G&D.

Dr. Roland Savoy, Managing Director of APAC, paid tribute to the achievements of all employees of G&D China in his speech at the ceremony in Huangshi: “We are very proud that G&D’s products have become a part of people’s daily lives in China. From money withdrawal to online banking transactions, bus and subway rides, making phone calls and shopping, G&D is there, providing secure solutions to help people in everyday life.

G&D | G&D in China

Furthermore, Dr. Savoy pointed out that this success rests on more than one pillar: “The continuous support of the national and local government of the People’s Republic of China was decisive, the trust that our customers have invested in us was and is crucial for our continuous success and, last but not least, G&D could not have done it without the support of the many business partners it has collaborated with along the way.”

Twenty years ago, the foundations of this great success were laid. In 1994, G&D founded Huangshi G&D Wanda Security Card Ltd. as a joint venture with the TriRing Metal Forming Group. In September 2011, G&D Wanda became a wholly owned subsidiary of G&D Munich.

G&D | G&D in China

The G&D Wanda plant was built and the small team started from scratch. With G&D’s state-of-the-art technology, G&D Wanda won its first orders from the major banks in China. In 1997, Jiangxi G&D Chip Card Systems Co. Ltd. was founded to manufacture pre-paid telephone smart cards and, more recently, SIM cards. The next important step was the establishment of Beijing G&D Card Systems Co., Ltd. in 1999 to offer card and OS research & development services, technical support and sales. Beijing G&D and Jiangxi G&D then merged in 2009 to become G&D in China. Today G&D China has around 1,400 employees with a production capacity of 600 million cards per year. Products have been exported from China to more than 30 nations and across the Europe, America, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions.