ProNote® 130 banknote counter: speed meets affordability

The ProNote® 130 is a compact and easy-to-use banknote counter designed for small retailers and bank branches. This secure device combines fast and accurate banknote counting with flexible functionality at a competitive price.

When efficient cash performance is your number one priority, the ProNote® 130 has all the capabilities you need. Banknotes can be processed with speed and accuracy thanks to dedicated functionality such as inbuilt sensors. Small and compact, the device is easy to maintain and adapt to your specific requirements. It also incorporates additional features, such as simple accounting and value counting modes, to offer impressive flexibility.

Benefits at a glance

  • A maximum counting speed of 1,500 banknotes per minute
  • Precise counting function and inbuilt sensors for accuracy
  • Recognition of up to 19 currencies
  • Compact size of 263×268×255 mm and weighing just 6.3 kg
  • A simple-to-use LCD display and inbuilt software support
  • Additional accounting and value counting modes

Accuracy as standard

Identify chained and double banknotes with ProNote® 130’s precise counting function and validate the UV and magnetic properties of processed banknotes thanks to the device’s in-built sensors.

Ultimate flexibility

An ability to define three currencies – in addition to the 16 that are pre-programmed – enables you to count a broad range of banknotes. Use ProNote®® 130’s additional functionality to do basic accounting or determine the value of pre-sorted banknotes.

User-friendly design

The ProNote® 130 has been designed to adapt to your requirements. A smart design and compact dimensions make it easy to clean and maintain while carrying handle provides added portability for use in different locations. A simple-to-use LCD display and in-built support for software updates make it an ideal addition to your operations.


ProNote® 130

Are you ready for competitive accuracy and speed?


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