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G&D | Passports

Over the last 20 years, international travel has increased dramatically. This has led to growing demands for modern travel documents. On the one hand, the growth in cross-border crime calls for maximum levels of security to ensure the reliability of identity checks. On the other hand, the checking process needs to become more efficient with greater emphasis on customer service. The clear determination of a passenger’s identity must therefore meet the increasing demands for security and at the same time happen in a faster and more automated manner. This will give border controls more scope to concentrate on wanted persons and allow the growing volume of cross-border traffic to be processed more quickly. G&D has responded to this challenge with its HIGHSEC passport – a security document that meets the highest security and quality standards.

Generally, today a distinction is made between machine-readable standard passports and electronic passports. The electronic passport (e-passport) is also fitted with a chip, which contains the biometric data of its owner, making it even safer against counterfeiting.

Counterfeit-proof data pages

The main target of travel document forgers is the data page, which contains the personal information of its owner. The data page of the HIGHSEC passport has therefore been designed as part of an integrated security concept that can guarantee maximum security for the personal data that’s put on it. Traditionally, the data pages of a travel document are made from paper and the personal details are printed with an ink-jet printer. To protect the personal data and increase the print quality, we have developed Jetfix, a special, high-security paper that allows the ink to penetrate without running.

G&D | Passports

Laser-engraved data pages made from innovative material

There is an increasing global trend for laser-engravable data pages. To ensure the data pages are more than just attractively designed, G&D has created a material that is considerably more durable and flexible than simple polycarbonate. PECSEC is a compound material made from coextruded polycarbonate and PETG sheets which can be enhanced with a range of integrated optical security features, including FUSE-ID, multiple laser images (MLI), optically variable ink (OVI), optically variable devices (OVD) and microlettering.

Veridos GmbH

Please also visit the website of Veridos, the one-stop supplier of ID solutions for governments and public authorities worldwide, founded by G&D and Bundesdruckerei:


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    Supply of 650,000 electronic passports and implementation of a central personalization and border control system with database

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    Supply of 1.5 million passports and introduction of an issuing and personalization system

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    Supply of 2 million electronic passports with PECSEC data page and introduction of a registration, personalization and issuing system with central database

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    Ministry of the Interior

    Supply of 900,000 electronic passports and introduction of a registration, personalization and issuing system

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    Supply of more than eight million chip modules for the electronic passport

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    Supply of 300,000 electronic passports with PECSEC data page, and introduction of a personalization system