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Security, competence, and trust are the watchwords of the Group. Its innovative, customer-centric products, services, and solutions make G&D a reliable partner for governments, central banks, security printers, government agencies, and other companies. G&D is a global technology leader in banknote production and processing. It supplies banks, mobile network operators, local public transit authorities, other companies, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with end-to-end solutions comprising hardware, software, and services for mobile security applications, especially in telecommunications and electronic payments. G&D also provides highly secure travel documents, ID systems, and healthcare cards that serve not only as conventional identification documents, but also as tools for authenticating and securing online business transactions.


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G&D | Business Segments

Visibly valuable

G&D | Business Segments

Throughout the world, banknotes are the most popular payment method. Their value is based on people’s trust. We supply over 150 countries with banknote paper and foil, printed banknotes, and banknote processing systems. Our international customers include central and commercial banks, banknote printing plants, and cash-in-transit companies.

Our innovative solutions ensure counterfeit protection, enhanced durability, and efficient processing. As a leader in technology, we develop fresh security features every year, setting international standards. These encompass both features that are rapid and intuitive to recognize as well as for hidden and machine-readable elements for verification by specially trained staff and appropriate technical systems.

Thus, we offer end-to-end solutions based on state-of-the-art technology and a comprehensive range of services for the entire cash lifecycle – from materials through design and printing to processing and returns – all over the world.

Securely connected

G&D | Business Segments

Whether paying by card or making a call from a cell phone, an increasing number of people around the world enjoy the advantages of electronic networks. Giesecke & Devrient’s smartcard-based solutions, software, and services guarantee optimum security in today’s uncertain world. Our customers include banks, credit card companies, mobile operators, service providers, public transport companies, businesses and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

In the future, the worlds of payment, mobile communication and the Internet will increasingly converge. Modern smartphones are developing into universal platforms for digital transactions, such as shopping online or at the supermarket, and making bank transfers. They can also function as a modern ticket solution and display media.

When it comes to end-to-end solutions for mobile security applications, we do more than just deliver the innovative hardware to our customers. As an international technology leader, we also develop comprehensive service and software solutions for the server-based online management of mobile devices.

Uniquely identified

G&D | Business Segments

Reliable ways of identifying people are increasingly important in our networked, globalized world. Citizens must be able to prove their identity and need modern passports for international travel and border controls. Innovative ID systems and documents are safeguarding security across national boundaries. Companies are securing access to their workplaces and IT networks and protecting their branded products against counterfeiting. Consumers are demanding improved security for their online transactions and in the healthcare sector, too, patients expect better care through efficient data management. For each of these challenges, G&D provides high-performance and reliable solutions that are already in use around the world. In addition, we are making a substantial commitment to the development of appropriate standards and guidelines for these solutions.