BPS Eco-Protect: Optimum Security, all boxed-up

BPS Eco-Protect is an industrial firewall application designed for the specific requirements of BPS machines. It decouples the system from the customer’s IT network, effectively making it invisible to attackers, while still ensuring secure network communication between the BPS and other infrastructure.

BPS Eco-Protect is a secure, efficient, and comprehensive firewall solution for protection against cyber attack of banknote processing systems in a customer network. Various types of industrial applications and systems can be connected through the Eco-Protect Box, so even unsecured or outdated systems can communicate safely via open networks. How does it work? The Eco-Protect firewall sits between the BPS and the internet. It makes the BPS externally invisible while still permitting communication via configured protocols. From outside the network, it is only possible to see BPS Eco-Protect.

The firewall is subject to regular penetration tests and frequent updates, ensuring it always meets the highest security standards. BPS Eco-Protect has been developed by G+D Currency Technology to assure full compatibility with security requirements and an up-to-date interface compliant with today’s IT standards, and it is part of the BPS Eco-System from G+D. The BPS Eco-System is a portfolio of software products and web services which efficiently and securely permit the operation, management, and administration of banknote processing systems and peripheral devices (such as BDS or NotaPack).

Benefits at a glance

  • BPS Eco-Protect runs regular internal security checks, assuring the consistency and integrity of the appliance

  • The packet filter firewall only enables data traffic on ports which are specified during BPS Eco-Protect configuration, e.g. only the specified TCP/IP (address) ports in the configuration menu are open for communication

  • BPS Eco-Protect allows encryption of communication e.g. by translating FTP to SFTP and vice versa (encryption)

  • BPS Eco-Protect secures inter-machine communication between multiple BPS systems, or to any other system in the network (for example BDS or NotaPack).

BPS Eco-Protect is an embedded device offering a range of security functions, in robust industrial PC housing.

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