Performance Pays: Our Remuneration System

Attractive remuneration is an important indicator of appreciation at G+D.

In addition to a good salary, our remuneration systems offer a range of social and fringe benefits. In addition, we provide personal recognition, individual feedback, and tailored development support as further important components of our HR strategy.

How we determine the amount of remuneration

  • ROLE: The complexity of the task, scope of responsibility, qualification, experience, and importance of the role in the company are the most important parameters here

  • PERFORMANCE: Whether individually or in a team, performance should pay at G+D. We have put together uniform framework conditions to determine the specifics of this

  • THE MARKET: For wages and salaries, we of course also align our decisions with the market. This enables us to stay competitive in every respect

  • CORPORATE SUCCESS Our employees are responsible for our success, and so it is only logical that good earnings also benefit the workforce at G+D

  • TRANSPARENCY: We believe that it is very important that each employee is aware of the components their remuneration is made up of, and how they can influence this through their own performance

What We Offer Beyond Your Salary

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German Company retirement pension plan

Retaining their standard of living beyond their career is a future objective for our employees, for which we provide significant support with our company retirement pension plan in Germany. The payment of pension benefits is voluntary, and we fund this solely from G+D resources – and have been doing so since 1969.

Deferred Compensation: For Additional Security Later in Life

We offer our employees in Germany an attractive way to supplement their retirement provision: part of their gross wage is retained and invested. These “deferred” amounts are paid out, subject to the relevant taxes, when they enter retirement.
The technical term for this is deferred compensation, and we refer to it as a future-oriented remuneration conversion model.

Company Car Leasing: Flexible, Cost-effective, Motivating

A company car for private use is possible with motivational leasing from G+D. Employees in Germany can lease appealing vehicles as part of remuneration conversion.
Our collaboration with an experienced mobility partner guarantees cost-effective leasing rates and lower insurance premiums – whilst also ensuring a high degree of cost certainty.

Career at G+D

Current available positions can be viewed on our job board

SAP advisers, security experts, technicians, salespeople, analog or digital inventors, trainees, or experienced professionals – and many more: there’s plenty to discover with us.

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