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High priority: training and development opportunities at G+D

Qualified, motivated employees are the key factor for maintaining consistent quality and innovative strength in our company.

The expert knowledge, talent, and creativity of each individual must be constantly supported, maintained and extended. For this reason, G+D operates a comprehensive internal training and development program that offers outstanding development opportunities.

In this respect, we rely on individual support for each employee, as well as their own motivation. We support each person with an array of options for their personal development planning, as well as shaping their prospects for the future.

Extensive and custom-tailored: our training options

Our training covers a wide range of subject matter.

This includes, for example, foreign languages, IT, business studies, law, distribution and sales, work techniques, project management, work and health, and communication, as well as collaboration and intercultural skills.

We keep G+D colleagues from various areas informed about their work, and other relevant subject matter, with the “G+D Knowledge” series.
Our training and development options also include special programs for trainees, industrial employees, older employees, and managers.

Once again, we inspect all of our measures under the microscope: our findings are then fed back to achieve constant improvement and expansion of the program.

Without borders: development opportunities outside Germany

Develop on an international scale at G+D, worldwide

Whether in Singapore, Spain, Canada, Mexico, or at another of our 72 subsidiaries, G+D offers many opportunities to gain international experience.

We believe it is important that colleagues develop as much as possible by getting to know other countries and regions. After all, sharing between different cultures is the lifeblood of G+D, and the company promotes this through relevant programs.

For example, colleagues abroad are involved in operations in Germany, and our German employees support projects outside the country. In addition, our global subsidiaries fill roles on a rotating basis, subject to G+D standards on remuneration and stints abroad, which are uniform worldwide.


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