A balance between life and work

Work/life balance: the name says it all at G+D. We know about the positive effects of a healthy ratio of work to personal life – and that’s why we support our employees.

The work/life measures we implement range for example in Germany from flexible working hours models to home offices, advanced health protection measures, extensive sports and fitness options, through to a forward-looking HR policy that takes into account each employee’s individual life situation as best possible.
And why do we do all this? We are convinced that satisfied employees form the foundation for our success. They are more productive and dedicated, and it also creates a positive work environment. There are good reasons why G+D is considered a very attractive employer. And perhaps soon you’ll find them out for yourself!

Flexible work that is oriented toward your life phase

State-of-the-Art: G+D Takes Innovative Paths

That’s why we implement “flexible working hours” in Germany with no core working hours, daily minimum presence requirements, or monthly limits for days off. In this way, we enable our employees to manage their working hours independently. And it’s not just in terms of hours that we offer flexibility, but also location: that might mean getting the job done from a home office, or at any other location through mobile working.
In addition, we support our employees in successfully meeting the requirements of different life phases. Whether it’s caring for dependents, bringing up children, taking a sabbatical, or undertaking social outreach, we will provide a reasonable framework.

Career and Family Under One Roof

G+D: A Family Company

Why this applies in the truest sense of the word when it comes to work and family compatibility at G+D:

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Health: The Basis for Everything

Health: The Foundation for Motivation and Performance

Protecting and promoting employee health is a management issue at G+D, so healthcare factors are systematically included in management decisions. We confront dangers in the workplace with determination, and have put in place a certified occupational safety and health protection management system. In addition, we offer an array of programs for promoting a healthy lifestyle. What are the details of these for example in Germany?

  • Healthy Nutrition Our employees regularly receive information on this subject, as well as additional offerings such as BIA measurements on nutritional condition

  • Movement and Fitness We offer an extensive company sports program, with activities from endurance sport to yoga, as well as a gym at the Munich site

  • Prevention This includes regular preventive medical checkups, cancer screening, and our non-smoking program

  • Informational Events These are held on subjects such as “healthy and efficient at work”, “ergonomic workplaces” and “healthy lifting and carrying”

Career at G+D

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SAP advisers, security experts, technicians, salespeople, analog or digital inventors, trainees, or experienced professionals – and many more: there’s plenty to discover with us.

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