Connecting and securing consumer devices

With every new device, device manufacturers not only are expected to deliver better, faster, and sleeker features enabling new and innovative services, they also need to meet increasingly complex security requirements. At the same time, fierce price competition drives the optimization of their processes and cost structures.

A once simple product is becoming a highly-evolved service ecosystem

Smartphones are turning into personal assistants. They act as central hubs to connect services, wearables and consumer IoT devices. As markets mature and replacement cycles lengthen, smartphone volume growth is slowing. At the same time, the market for IoT is diversifying and growing; technologies are evolving. Consumers expect fast access to new devices with the latest technologies – from AI to AR, from 5G to biometrics. As a result, device makers are expected to maintain fast innovation and launch cycles despite slowing replacement intervals.

Facts and figures

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Discover why securing identities is key for device makers

Connected device makers are facing challenging times – but they also have unparalleled opportunities to win new customers and grow their businesses with innovative, seamless, and secure services.

Combatting fading differentiation

More and more crucial innovation happens "under the hood”. But key differences invisible to the naked eye leave customers reluctant to invest and buy into new model offerings. Communicating and spotlighting new value propositions to consumers is becoming harder as the more obvious design differentiation in the market fades.

Competitive with an owned ecosystem and value-added services

Continuous, fast-paced innovation for annual flagship launches no longer is a recipe for success. It’s becoming more and more difficult to convince consumers to upgrade their devices. As a result, new business models take different approaches.

Secure value-added services delivered in an owned ecosystem promise opportunities for differentiation and monetization. But to stand out against competitors, device makers must deploy and maintain their critical value-added services over the full life cycle of their devices.

Optimize to counter pressure from price competition

Gross margins come under more and more pressure as price competition heats up. To remain competitive, device makers optimize their processes, their supply chain, and cost structures. At the same time, they are working on ensuring the perfect level of security and customer privacy as well as offering easy identity management and authentication - not only to build customer trust, but also to protect their image and brand.

Be the creator of a secure customer experience
Secure and convenient-to-use connected consumer devices are indispensable for nurturing the trust consumers need to accept and use security-sensitive services, such as payment, identification, access, and transport. Offering robust, easy-to-manage device security that gives consumers an empowering user experience is a strong source of differentiation.

Device-first consumers create new opportunities

In the not so recent past, consumers picked their carrier and then chose their device from the carrier’s list of subsidized offers. Today, many consumers select their mobile device first – creating exciting opportunities for device makers.

Easy onboarding and provisioning as well as secure connectivity and flexibility are key enablers for device makers ready to deploy their devices and services directly to consumers in a global market.

How G+D Mobile Security benefits device makers

G+D is your connected partner with expertise to rely on. With decades of experience in secure digital solutions, G+D Mobile Security is here to help you master the challenges ahead and turn them into opportunities.

Managing identities for device makers

The key to secure innovation

Our experience shows managing and securing connected devices requires a digital identity for each and every device. Secure ID management gives you the freedom to innovate, and customize your hardware while making it part of a secure solution. We help you secure and protect digital identities throughout their entire life cycle.

Want to stand out? Bring your use case; we bring our expertise
With decades of experience in secure digital solutions, we have paved the way from physical SIMs to eSIMs. These core competencies can be transferred and tailored to your use cases as you strive for differentiation. Profit from the strongest available device security and reduced complexity for both your consumers and you as manufacturer.

Protecting your identity journey – every step of the way


Securely create and assign IDs, and let users choose their communication service provider from the screen of your device. To guarantee best-in-class protection, load our secure OS solution at any time during the manufacturing process


Our eSIM management platform lets you send all relevant ID files, from keys and credentials to subscriptions, securely over the air. OS update capabilities protect users and their data with the latest security


Fully operational devices translate into around-the-clock convenience for consumers and into ongoing work for you. Our solutions ensure secure device operation with continuous identity and data protection, plus easy access to every feature


We help you to manage regular updates, new security features, and applications safely, while protecting all data transmissions

Discontinuation Renewal

Safely complete the identity journey: remove IDs, terminate access rights, delete sensitive data, and deactivate devices remotely

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It's all about managing identities

Keep up with user expectations and offer innovative and secure services with the support of the experienced leader in digital solutions, G+D Mobile Security.

Key solutions for device makers

Maximize your business ingenuity and securely keep up with evolving user expectations and digital lifestyles. This is the start of your identity journey.

Satisfy expectations around service speed and security

Onboarding    Provisioning    Usage    Management    Discontinuation

Securing fast service access on all types of connected personal devices, G+D's end-to-end device connectivity solution gives you a robust out-of-the-box eSIM management solution compliant with the latest GSMA standards.

  Explore the possibilities of eSIM management

Embedded secure elements

Onboarding    Provisioning    Usage    Management    Discontinuation

eSE solutions are tiny powerhouses that make your devices secure, reliable, and trustworthy. They provide secure management all the way from the onboarding process to discontinuation and even refurbishment.

  Find out what embedded secure elements can do for you

Wearables solutions for device makers

Onboarding    Provisioning    Usage    Management    Discontinuation

G+D offers wearables device manufacturers the ability to enable your existing or in-development device, virtually eliminating go-to market blockers.

  Find out how G+D can fast track your wearables deployment

Application security

Onboarding    Provisioning    Usage

“Trusted Application Kit” is a mobile application security framework that provides proactive app security, not only during runtime but afterwards with detailed feedback.

  Meet TAK, the SDK for apps with enhanced security

News highlights

Microsoft Windows 10 goes eSIM

Press Release | October 2017
G+D Mobile Security, an industry leader in eSIM Management and secure connectivity, is pleased to announce its partnership with Microsoft to release an eSIM solution for Microsoft Windows 10. This partnership introduces an end-to-end (E2E) eSIM Management solution.

  Find out more in our latest press release

eSIMs and eSIM management tech for Google’s Project Fi

Press Release | October 2017
G+D Mobile Security has extended its engagement with Google’s Project Fi with the delivery of eSIMs and eSIM management technology. G+D’s eSIM management platform allows Project Fi to securely and efficiently manage multiple MNO profiles.

  Find out how G+D eSIMs enable Google FI

NTT DOCOMO to use AirOn eSIM management for IoT

Press Release | February 2017
NTT DOCOMO, INC. will use AirOn eSIM management by G+D Mobile Security for its IoT applications. With AirOn v3 NTT DOCOMO opts for a scalable high-performance platform capable of serving millions of customers in various IoT verticals.

  Read how G+D supports NTT DOCOMO


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