Complete convenience for card issuers

Payments cards have been around for decades, but show little sign of losing popularity. G+D is continually innovating its card offerings with unique designs and state-of-the-art security solutions, so your cards are always “top of wallet” and you stay close to your customers.

The shape of plastic payment cards has not changed much since they were introduced, yet the demands placed on them by consumers and financial institutions has increased dramatically. Today, they are expected to offer everything from the protection of sensitive information when used offline to representing cost-effective marketing tools for issuers. G+D card bodies address these topics and much more, so your customers will continue to pay with your cards.

Industry-leading security and compliance

Globally, around 70 percent of cards contain EMV security features but protect only in-person card and mobile payments, not online purchases. The next logical step is to add an additional security layer to protect the issuing Financial Institutions, merchants, and cardholders alike. G+D delivers security for the operating system and applications, as well as for the card or alternative form factor itself.

New technologies

G+D payment cards always ahead of the curve

G+D continually researches future forward developments, such as today’s innovations in Dynamic CVV, LED, and biometric security. Our products and solutions exceed every industry standard and always will, regardless of future technology introductions.

G+D explores new materials, new functionality, and new printing techniques to continually push your card portfolios to the top of your customers’ wallets – physical or virtual. Our R&D team is actively testing new developments. Check back for our latest innovations.

Card designs

Be iconic, with Convego® Factors card designs

From stylish to sustainable, the unique card design options of Convego® Factors by G+D Mobile Security don't just let you stand out. They are an opportunity to show that you understand what your customers like, value, and trust.

  Explore a world of fascinating design options

Printing capabilities

G+D offers traditional offset and silkscreen printing, as well as quick-to-market digital printing capabilities – in 4-color or hexachrome. We specialize in foil and colored core designs, for both contact and contactless card bodies.

G+D’s Art-to-Card solution distills decades of experience with premium card manufacturing and printing techniques to offer you stunning, unique card designs. Whether translucent, foil, or layered, our design experts will help turn your vision into a printed reality.

Stickers – the easy step into the mobile world

Contactless and convenient: Convego® Join Mobile

The Convego® Join Mobile is a contactless sticker for mobile payments. It transforms mobile devices into secure payment devices and doubles as a standard contactless payment card. The sticker supports Mastercard and Visa contactless payment specifications with G+D applets.

Benefits of Convego® Join Mobile

+Represents an easy and cost-effective step into the mobile world
+Offers full compatibility with card-based products
+Enables seamless migration into a multichannel payment solution, including mobile
+Integrates into existing contactless infrastructures, such as contactless point-of-sale terminals, without new implementations

Features of Convego® Join Mobile

+Sticker delivered in a standard card format
+No need to change infrastructure for personalization, distribution, and packaging to introduce the sticker form factor
+Acts as a bridging technology for customers desiring a contactless/mobile payment option without requiring mobile upgrades or a special operating system
+Personalization of the cards follows GlobalPlatform specifications, i.e. EMV Card Personalization Specifications (CPS)
+Allows the implementation of a wide range of value-add, non-payment applications, such as loyalty schemes and transit

Key fobs provide payment capability in an alternate form factor

G+D offers the same state-of-the-art contactless technology found in EMV cards and transit applications in a convenient form factor to add to your key chain or mobile handset. Attached with reinforced string, the fob typically dangles free, is available in a variety of custom shapes, and can be fully branded.

Benefits of fobs

+ Convenient form factor
+ Contactless payment or ticketing capability
+ Stand alone or companion device

Features of G+D fobs

+ Custom shapes and sizes
+ Specialty printing, custom branding
+ State-of-the-art technology
+ All contactless applications

Matching solutions

Explore the potential of G+D’s EMV technology

A 30-year veteran in the card market, G+D’s implementation of today’s EMV standards not only reduces card fraud, but also secures new revenue streams for Financial Institutions with contactless and mobile payments.

  Find out what the EMV standard can do for you


Meet the Convego® Card Stack and be inspired!

Establish your cards as memorable marketing tools that make you stand out from the rest of the market. Let this brochure fuel your imagination and give you an insight into the almost endless possibilities opened up by our most advanced technologies.

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