MIFARE® for an easier ride

MIFARE® contactless cards by G+D Mobile Security speed up passenger throughput while reliably collecting fares, even under the toughest conditions. Simple to operate, cost effective, and backed up by G+D services, transit operators from Melbourne to Medellín rely on our MIFARE® products and solutions.

Benefits of the MIFARE® range

Profit from the most extensive and widespread contactless solution

  • Excellent reputation as the leading contactless solution

  • Mass-proven technology

  • Easy to set up for transit operators and integrators

  • Can be used in more than 40 different applications

MIFARE® portfolio

MIFARE® Classic

MIFARE® Classic has been the pioneer of contactless smart cards for public transport, access management, employee cards, and on campuses. This has been the most widely used card and still has broad acceptance around the world. As security needs constantly increase, other MIFARE® technologies are provided.


MIFARE® Plus brings additional security and data protection in contactless smart-cards, making it ideal for public transport, toll systems, and loyalty schemes. Transit operators can benefit from a seamless upgrade of existing MIFARE® Classic installations and services with minimum effort. The AES encryption is state-of the art and widely used in different smart-card applications.


MIFARE® DESFire is popular with public transport operators worldwide because it is easy to implement while providing a high level of security. Equipped with a powerful and highly secure microprocessor, MIFARE® DESFire is ideal, not only for demanding public transport systems, but also applications such as contactless payment.

MIFARE® Ultralight

The contactless MIFARE® Ultralight is the perfect, cost-efficient solution for operators looking to upgrade from paper or magnetic-stripe tickets. The most recent version, Ultralight C, is the first smart-card with open cryptography (encryption standard 3DES) that enables easy integration into existing systems. MIFARE® Ultralight is also available as a paper ticket.

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