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We provide secure connectivity of tomorrow

Billions of devices, manufacturing plants and sensors are already online worldwide. And up to more than 5,000 new devices will be connected to the internet in 2025 – every minute. The Internet of Things (IoT) is already the largest machine ever built by mankind. With a wealth of experience and leading SIM technology, G+D is a trusted partner and pioneer for providing secure connectivity.

Trusted connectivity for mobile devices is a prerequisite for securing the Internet of Things. By 2025, one in three smartphones shipped will be eSIM-enabled, while nearly 900 million smart vehicles worldwide will be connected to the Internet. 5G will play a crucial role in the IoT society, dramatically increasing connectivity speed, powering the fast transfer of complex information and hitting data rates tens of times faster than 4G. Equally, it offers the reduced latency essential for reliable connectivity and high system capacity as future networks connect billions of new objects. In 2025, more than 50% of all mobile data will be exchanged via 5G connections. 5G combined with embedded SIMs (eSIMs) also enable secure and powerful private networks for enterprises and organizations which takes industrial IoT on a new, more secure level. With the market expanding fast from consumers towards enterprise IoT, the management of connectivity in private or campus networks is becoming increasingly important. 

The cellular IoT will not only bring with it many new business models, but will also open up new threats and attacks. In addition to being securely connected, devices will also have to be securely identified, managed, and maintained. This can be addressed with identity and eSIM management for all device classes and customers from various industries. 

In this fast-moving environment, we are the trusted partner for customers in three domains: Mobile network operators, IoT enterprises and the automotive industry. 

What sets us apart

G+D provides pioneering connectivity solutions for mobile devices and the Internet of Things in a fast growing IoT ecosystem. At G+D, we develop, configure, deploy, connect and manage billions of devices securely – drawing on decades of experience.

For more than 30 years we have been part of the global SIM success story. From the delivery of the world´s first commercial SIM to the first eSIM management solution, G+D has always been considered the technological leader and pioneer in this field. One of the foundations for secure connectivity was the invention of the smart card more than 50 years ago. G+D played a key role in the invention of the plug-in SIM (1989), its introduction and further development and subsequently today's eSIM solution. For small- and power optimized IoT devices the integrated SIM (iUICC) has been introduced to the market by G+D and its partners in 2021.

Today, we offer high-performance connectivity and security solutions for the consumer, enterprise and industrial IoT. G+D also enables smart connectivity with secure private cellular networks, in combination of eSIMs and 5G. Based on these networks, industrial enterprises can unleash the potential of automation, control, and exponential growth.

As the world’s first Enterprise Network Operator (ENO), G+D’s Pod Group puts the ownership of the IoT network into the hands of the enterprises. Explore the three elements of network ownership, combining our own core network with the flexibility, customized services and global reach of an expert in IoT connectivity. 

Our offering

Our vision is to enable, secure and help monetize the increasing number of connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT). In order to make massive IoT successful and beneficial for the society, data authenticity, privacy and security are the fundamental ingredients. As an industry leader for connectivity enablement, our portfolio ranges from hardware solutions such as pluggable SIMs and embedded SIMs to smart card operating systems and secure applications to server-based solutions for secure connectivity-, lifecycle-, and device management services. We also offer all-in-one solutions with integrated connectivity for IoT devices and core network technology for enterprises. With our solutions, we offer the highest level of security with the strongest service levels and ensure maximum availability and reliability through geo-redundancy.


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Mobile Network Operator

G+D supports mobile network operators (MNOs) to manage risks and, at the same time, exploit opportunities. The technologies in this area are evolving rapidly – and sometimes even change radically. G+D offers solutions such as eSIM management so you can ideally position your business – for today and tomorrow.

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IoT Enterprises

With our leading IoT solutions, we ensure the global connectivity and efficient lifecycle management of IoT devices. Our experienced global teams assure that G+D is both partner and pioneer in tackling the three key IoT challenges: connection, secure transmission and analytics.

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We at G+D ensure that the automotive solutions of tomorrow provide secure, trusted connectivity, as well as personalized services. Whether in the vehicle, on a device or when uploading to the cloud, data integrity and privacy have to be guaranteed end to end.


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