Digital Car Key: Our key to your success

Simple, easy to use and the ability to share. The advantages of the digital car key especially regarding usability are obvious. Although the physical key will stay for long time in parallel, the trend goes into digital. Our solution is user friendly standard conform and fulfills the highest level of security. It is a central component of digitization in the automotive space and the world of connected cars. With our components you can give your customers a satisfying moment and great user experience.

The outlook for the global adoption of the digital car key is extremely positive, as consumers highly value the key's convenience. Over the last years, the use of keyless and fob entry for vehicles saw exponential growth.The analyst firm Technavio has been monitoring the automotive digital key market and it is poised to grow by 1.45 million units during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of over 6% during the forecast period.  

At the same time, experts acknowledge that the speed of market adoption is volatile, mainly due to security concerns. Reports of remote- access hacking do little to establish trust in new technologies. Security should be a primary concern for any OEM wishing to offer digital vehicle entry and operation services.

With our solutions, you can safeguard your business against cyberattacks, assure your customers that the technology is safe to use, and protect your reputation. The most promising solution is from the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC). Dedicated to cross-industry collaboration, the CCC develops global standards and solutions for smartphone and in-vehicle connectivity. The CCC Digital Key Release 2.0 specification leverages NFC, and Digital Key Release 3.0 will specify Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in combination with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) to enable passive keyless access and to allow secure and accurate positioning.


End-to-end enablement with our Digital Car Key solution

Our Digital Car Key solution provides a full end-to-end functional enablement and security management service. With it, automakers can launch car-access solutions through smartphones and related devices such as smartwatches or other wearables. Our solutions support Bluetooth Low Energy, Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS) technologies, and Near-Field Communications (NFC). Moreover, they are specifically designed to enable multi-person access via smartphone apps without compromising security.

Secure and convenient – just like the smartphone

Our Digital Car Key solution is highly secure and convenient – exactly what people expect from wearables and smartphones. G+D’s Digital Car Key offers capabilities that help you gain competitive advantage in the automotive industry. The solution integrates seamlessly with existing vehicle entry and built-in operation solutions as well as with the connected car systems of any vehicle manufacturer. We provide a fully secure lifecycle management process – which is completely integrated with our service platform – to ensure that your car key service has a long lifespan. It also ensures that your digital car key is always up to date with the latest security standards and requirements.


Implementing vehicle connectivity for safety in the Russian Federation

Download our solution brief for eCall and safer driving with eSIM technology

Once your customers activate Digital Car Key on their smartphone, they can use it to access their vehicles at any time – no matter where they are located, and without the need for WiFi or other online connections. The Embedded Secure Element (eSE), which is part of the in-vehicle electronic control unit, authenticates the mobile car key both within and outside cellular network coverage. The result is invaluable: reliable customer experience.


A digital car key is not simply a key. We will soon experience a new mobility of self-driving and connected cars. Passengers will give voice commands to control everything in a car, just like they do today with their infotainment and navigation systems. The digital car key is a matter of course. More importantly, it unlocks the potential for new automotive business cases. A secure mobile app enables multiple car key uses, from locking and unlocking the vehicle to engine ignition.

At the same time, owners can seamlessly share car keys with others while still maintaining full control. Entry can be issued on a permanent, per-session, or time-limited basis, and each key can be configured to activate only certain sections of the vehicle. Multiple usage scenarios can be managed, enabling a host of commercial applications. Fleet management, concierge services, vehicle rental, or other businesses in the mobility sector are likely to find immediate benefit.

The range of applications for mobile devices is growing continuously, and the digital car key is another example of a dynamically developing market. G+D is broadly positioned in this area and supports digital car key solutions in various form factors such as wearables, smartphones or NFC cards.

Alois Kliner, Divisional Head Digital Enterprise Security at G+D

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Secure, convenient, and scalable solutions for the automotive industry

Manage automotive data and security and end-to-end car-access functionality with G+D’s Digital Car Key solution. Automakers can launch car-access solutions that have highest security standards and ensure vehicle and data security throughout the vehicle’s entire lifecycle.

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