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Car connectivity management: smart and flexible with eSIM technology

The world is changing fast. And the automotive industry even faster. Digitalization and evolving mobility requirements bring new innovations to market. The driving force behind this revolution: car connectivity. But how do we make sure that the components we build today will be compliant with global regulations and the wider vehicle connectivity ecosystem of tomorrow? The answer is simple: eSIM management.

The connected car brings decisive change to the automotive industry. Automakers today are incorporating features into the vehicle that reach far beyond even the inventive imaginations of Carl Benz and Henry Ford. New worlds are opening up for drivers and passengers, enriching the consumer experience and above all the driving experience.

This brave new world also brings with it risks, as more and more vehicle components are managed electronically. What about hackers and security vulnerabilities? Awareness and fear of potential dangers are especially acute when it comes to the driverless, autonomous vehicle.

Though it’s still unclear when autonomous vehicles will be in widespread use, manufacturers the world over are already working to address these issues. Experimental vehicles, pilot programs, and tests have been deployed. And so far, one thing is clear: eSIM-based technology is one of the best ways to secure automotive IT. With eSIMs, OEMs can effectively deploy security and anti-hacking features and updates. And by doing so, reduce possible threats and impacts from external breaches.

eSIM management: what managing a vehicle is all about

With our eSIM management solutions, consumers and OEMs can stay connected all the time, at the same time. Drivers and passengers use their smartphones easily and conveniently to connect the infotainment system of the vehicle to the network and enjoy, for example, the seamless connection to streaming services such as Apple CarPlay.

OEMs can utilize our connectivity function to enable eCall and telematic services. What’s more, our eSIM management solution protects vehicles throughout their lifecycles by providing highly secure over-the-air access for updates.

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Implementing car connectivity for safety in the Russian Federation

As connected vehicles become more common, sophisticated sensors and connectivity services can help to prevent accidents.

eCall, the automatic emergency response system connects vehicles involved in accidents to emergency services.

Flexible car connectivity management

Dual-SIM Dual-Active (DSDA) allows carmakers to deliver the reliable security, privacy, performance, and convenience that consumers demand. New usage and business models open up, enabling you to offer unique, integrated services directly to consumers. Providing a convenient digital infrastructure helps build customer trust.

For car manufacturers, this goes beyond technology. With our solutions, OEMs can position their brands for the future – and thereby increase customer loyalty, improve user experience, and grow their businesses.

A convenient and secure digital user experience is the maxim in the new era. DSDA automatically identifies and connects mobile data plans quickly, securely, and seamlessly, with no delays. The eSIM activates when a driver enters the vehicle and de-activates when she leaves.

Shared mobility services, such as car-sharing or vehicle rental services, are gaining in popularity. Users expect these types of cars to also instantly recognize and securely connect to their private data plans. Your solutions must make it easy for customers to use their streaming services in every vehicle.

As personalized experiences in the digital age become standard, media use also changes. Streaming is increasingly replacing the classic in-car radio. Consumers expect media and infotainment continuity across devices. G+D enables OEMs to offer this to their customers.

Wireless data reception and signal quality are also important cornerstones of the digital experience. DSDA uses the external car antenna, thereby providing the best possible connection. Consumers will be delighted because being online in the car won’t automatically mean battery drain. The external car antenna also spells good news for 5G, which uses extremely high-frequency millimeter wave bands that could have trouble penetrating through car windows. With DSDA, the future is always connected.

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Smart and flexible car connectivity with eSIM management

Dual-SIM Dual-Active (DSDA) is a new concept leveraging eSIM technology. Here the car’s telematic unit comes with two built-in SIMs. One SIM is used to run the telematics services, the second SIM is reserved for the user. The user can now add the car to its existing data plan of its preferred operator - alike a smartwatch - where upon an eSIM profile is provisioned to this 2nd SIM.

AirOn: our eSIM platform

The AirOn platform is our comprehensive solution for managing automotive eSIMs and subscriptions over the air (OTA). It ensures global coverage and allows a fast change between subscriptions as required by legislative rules, for example ERA-GLONASS.

The platform covers both the eSIM software and the backend. With AirOn, mobile operators can offer a consolidated toolbox to OEMs and enterprises for managing SIMs and devices over the entire lifecycle – from activation to subscription and policy management to deactivation.

Automotive OEMs, in turn, can easily manage the mobile connections and respective eSIMs remotely via the AirOn platform. It also lets vehicle users remotely add or remove private mobile contracts and services at their convenience.

With eSIM management, OEMs can also lower the total cost of ownership by preventing roaming costs.

Without connectivity management, mobility has no future

The global automotive industry is undergoing a significant transformation. And it’s not simply technological. Demographic, regulatory, and environmental pressures make change inevitable. Staying connected is becoming status quo. The connected vehicles of tomorrow must provide secure, reliable connectivity and personalized services for drivers and passengers. Connectivity, mobility and security play a critical role in driving this digital transformation.

Connected cars - vehicle connectivity with eSIM technology

Connected cars

By minimizing the risks and maximizing the opportunities of the connected-vehicle era, we are setting the industry standard for vehicle SIM modules.

Digital car key

Our key to your success: we provide you with secure, convenient, and scalable access solutions for cars.

Take the lead in the 5G-race

5G will enable many IoT applications making it possible to manage entire factories – including the supply and distribution chains – online. G+D will be a key enabler in all of these scenarios. 

eSIM management

Trust the market leader. Securely manage the lifecycle of all embedded-SIM devices with our proven, award-winning, future-proof eSIM management solutions. With our offer, you can address consumer, enterprise, and IoT markets.

More insights into car connectivity management

IoT cars: next generation of connected cars

As vehicles become increasingly integrated and autonomous, eSIMs are ushering in a future of secure, always-on connectivity in IoT cars.

The eSIM-revolution has begun

The automotive sector was the first to develop eSIM technology and realize its benefits. In the meantime, this innovative technology has well reached the mass market – and it’s set to take it by storm.


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