Seamless car connectivity via Dual-SIM Dual-Active

Always on. Isn’t this the motto of our times? It’s what drivers and passengers expect today – nothing less. This simple assumption has far-reaching implications. Infotainment services and security features need permanent and secure connections that carmakers and their customers can rely on at all times.

Today vehicle users usually pair their phones via Bluetooth in the car to place calls or to mirror media to the infotainment screen if supported.  Alternatively, carmakers offer the purchase of data plans for the consumption of infotainment services, which can be accessed e.g., via a Wi-Fi hotspot in the vehicle. Enabling such in-car entertainment, information and communication applications has become a key differentiator for vehicle manufacturers in recent years. At the same time, the data bandwidth required to provide these services is increasing dramatically.

G+D’s Dual-SIM Dual-Active (DSDA) is a new solution leveraging eSIM technology for a joyful and personalized driving experience. Here the car’s telematic unit comes with two built-in SIMs. One SIM is used to run the telematics services, the second SIM is reserved for the user. The user can now add the car to the existing data plan of their preferred operator – like a smartwatch – with an eSIM profile being provisioned to this 2nd SIM. From this moment the driver enjoys the convenience of smooth call handovers when entering or leaving the car and brings seamless connectivity to the car and to its passengers based on the personal data plan.

Our DSDA is handled by a single, unified solution: the AirOn360® eSIM management platform from G+D. It supports secure lifecycle management of eSIMs and complies with all specifications for remote SIM provisioning set by the GSMA. By using modern IP-based IT architecture standards and protocols, there is a fully owned eSIM provisioning guarantee.


Smart and flexible connectivity for an individual in-car experience

DSDA allows carmakers to deliver the reliable security, privacy, performance, and convenience that consumers demand. New usage and business models open up, enabling you to offer unique, integrated services directly to consumers. Providing a convenient digital infrastructure helps build customer trust.

For car manufacturers, this goes beyond technology. With our solutions, OEMs can position their brands for the future – and thereby increase customer loyalty, improve user experience, and grow their businesses.

A convenient and secure digital user experience is the maxim in the new era. DSDA detects and connects eSIM profiles including the respective mobile data plans quickly, securely, and seamlessly, with no delays. The eSIM activates when a driver enters the vehicle and deactivates when he leaves. An added benefit is that the functionality is not limited to one person and allows to manage subscriptions of various users. Family members and other passengers can access the on-board entertainment system or watch a video on their smartphones.

Shared mobility services, such as car-sharing or vehicle rental services, are gaining in popularity. Users expect these types of cars to instantly recognize and securely connect to their private data plans as well. Automotive solutions must make it easy for customers to enjoy their favorite streaming, social and gaming content in every vehicle.

As personalized experiences in the digital age become the standard, media use is also changing. Streaming is increasingly replacing the classic in-car radio. Consumers expect media and infotainment continuity across devices. G+D enables OEMs to offer this to their customers – across all cellular networks including high-speed 5G.

From car to mobile smart device

Modern cars can generate an estimated 600 gigabytes of data – per day. This varies depending on the services available in the vehicle and the use cases. With the increasing automation of driving, the volume of data to be transmitted or exchanged with other vehicles and the infrastructure is also rising significantly. At the same time, the need for bandwidth-intensive connections by vehicle passengers is steadily growing. The separation of telematics and user data connections is therefore becoming increasingly important, not least of all because service levels on both sides need to be met.

Wireless data reception and signal quality are also important cornerstones of the digital experience. DSDA uses the external car antenna, thereby providing the best possible connection. Consumers will be delighted because being online in the car won’t automatically mean battery drain for their mobile devices. The external car antenna also means good news for 5G, which uses extremely high-frequency millimeter wave bands that could have trouble penetrating through car windows. With DSDA, your future ride will always be connected.

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DSDA – eSIM management for automotive

Dual-SIM Dual-Active (DSDA) is a new solution leveraging eSIM technology to provide seamless, reliable and secure connectivity for both the car and the driver. It likewise creates a modern and convenient travel experience for all passengers. No hassle and no more fumbling with Bluetooth pairing. Consumers can continue using mobile infotainment services – such as the music and video streaming they regularly enjoy.

Without connectivity management, mobility has no future

The global automotive industry is undergoing a significant transformation. And it’s not simply technological. Demographic, regulatory, and environmental pressures make change inevitable. Staying connected is becoming status quo. The connected vehicles of tomorrow must provide secure, reliable connectivity and personalized services for drivers and passengers. Connectivity and security play a critical role in driving this digital transformation.

Connected cars - vehicle connectivity with eSIM technology

Connected cars

By minimizing the risks and maximizing the opportunities of the connected-vehicle era, we are setting the industry standard for vehicle SIM modules.

Car connectivity management from G+D

Car connectivity management

Our intelligent and flexible connectivity management allows you to provide stable and secure connectivity for a superior in-vehicle consumer experience.

Digital car key

Our key to your success: we provide you with secure, convenient, and scalable access solutions for cars.


More insights into seamless car connectivity

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In-vehicle connectivity has quickly transitioned from a creature comfort to an expected standard fitment.

Connected Car runs with G+D technology

G+D’s DSDA solution and AirOn360® eSIM management platform are used in the BMW iX and BMW i4 and will be available in other new BMW Group models in the future.

The evolution of connected car services

Using Dual-SIM Dual-Active technology, connected cars have the potential to embrace the future, becoming customer-centric and safer along the way.

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