Take the lead in the 5G-race

5G is not only a new mobile phone broadband standard. It's a new era. The technology represents a leap forward, bringing new market developments and great growth opportunities. 5G networks will enable significant strides in digitalization, making it possible to manage entire factories – including supply and distribution chains – online. It opens up a universe of new possibilities and will create a bonanza of opportunities in new revenue streams for mobile network operators (MNOs). However, this should not be at the cost of security. Are you prepared for this new world? We are. Our solutions offer trusted connectivity and end-to-end security in 5G networks.

From market growth to market explosion

Market players across the world are performing 5G trials. Needless to say, international industry giants are already operating these networks. And the devices to go with it are available too. State-of-the-art smartphones like the iPhone 12 are being equipped with high-speed, data-intensive features. So it's clear – the race has not only begun, it's in full swing.

By 2025, 5G technology will account for an estimated 45 percent of total mobile data, says Ericsson. IoT devices used at 5G speed, such as smart meters, smart sensors, and wireless actuators, must be designed according to security parameters. This is the number one priority. It's the only way to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and originality of the communicated data. All this is easily said. But the numbers are big, huge, gigantic. Today 7.1 billion people and a billion IoT devices around the world are served by mobile broadband networks. We help manage these vast quantities.

Up to 10 Gbps, super-low latency, an expandable frequency range in the future of up to 80GHz: the technical specifications are clear and promising. But leveraging the potential of 5G networks will require a great deal of specialized knowledge. And the risks have to be adequately evaluated. Despite the challenges, you can generate new revenue streams with careful planning. This will enable you to lead the race to create new business opportunities without compromising data security or your own reputation. A decisive factor in the formula of success in the 5G race is trust.

Be prepared for the race with our 5G-ready products


We are well prepared to service the immediate ecosystem for connectivity with 5G SIM cards for connecting 5G non-standalone and 5G standalone networks. Our SIM products are “5G-ready." Since SIM cards are the most widely used and efficient type of hardware-based security, we’re already optimally positioned for this upcoming era of next-generation technology. When you’re ready to deploy your 5G services, we can help you to make them safe, reliable, and secure.

Benefit from our broad setup


We offer extensive support to various security programs to conceal subscriber identities and secure 5G network access. Our aim is to additionally provide a wide variety of security solutions that help create unique identities, enable lifecycle management, and secure all of your valuable data streams. You can leverage our market-leading portfolio for all use cases and wireless network technologies, including machine-to-machine communications.

G+D enables objects within the 5G ecosystem with an identity. Following this, we help them get surely connected onto the network. And finally, we secure the data payload end to end

Sharath Muddaiah, Director, Strategic Solutions & IoT


Transitional SIM

Provides the minimum capabilities to authenticate to the network but does not leverage the benefit of 5G Core Network investment.

Recommended 5G SIM

Leverages the full power of 5G for enhanced mobile broadband, Massive IoT and critical communications.

Low Power SIM

Optimized for Low Power IoT use cases for which NB-IoT and LTE-M can be used.

Over-the-air (OTA) solutions


Our DP10 5G package allows you to remotely and securely enable network-specific 5G services, update outdated and faulty cards, and configure devices. That means subscribers don’t have to come to a point of a sale or service kiosk to replace a SIM card or device.

Private networks

One interesting aspect of 5G with its public consumer networks is that it does not only offer more bandwidth for end users.

Reduce complexity and increase flexibility

With our proven solutions, you can create a straightforward and convenient customer experience. We provide trusted and secure end-to-end solutions comprising classic pluggable SIMs, embedded SIMs (eSIMs), embedded operating systems (eOS) for smart card controllers, lifecycle management services, and SaaS solutions with the highest service levels.

eSIM management

With our full-service solutions for eSIM management, MNOs benefit from a flexible and dynamic user journey that leverages existing business infrastructures and processes. We provide drivers for dynamic connectivity management through our range of eSIM management solutions.


Today, SIM cards ensure more than the pure authentication to a network: data protection, mobile applications as well as services such as payment, transit, and digital car key, in addition to IoT-focused security applications.

More insights into 5G

TU Kaiserslautern tests eSIM deployment within a private network

The Technical University of Kaiserslautern (TUK) has completed the world's first deployment test of eSIMs in a private network. Network solutions from MECSware and eSIM technology from G+D are being used.

The leap from LTE private networks to 5G

5G offers customers increased bandwidth and reduced latency, as well as improved security and reliability. This will change the world of private LTE cellular networks and create a new private 5G ecosystem, as our expert explains in our online magazine.

Innovative digital technology, including 5G

The IoT and artificial intelligence, is transforming the logistics industry to meet consumer demands. What does the future hold?


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