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Currency Technology: more than just banknotes

We barely think about banknotes, even though almost all of us use them every day – but each individual note is a small work of art. Since they were introduced, banknotes have been recognized as marks of national identity and bearers of material value. G+D is a globally leading manufacturer of notes of this type, as well as cash handling systems for maximum efficiency and security.

Of course, the world of payment has long been about more than just the beauty of banknotes. As a result, G+D Currency Technology now covers many business areas. The development of security features for banknotes is just as much a part of this as the implementation of software platforms for machine management, or project support for customers who wish to produce their currency themselves. All of this means that we offer exciting paths for your career.

The future is in our genes

G+D has been pushing forward developments in the banknote environment since 1852. Today, over 460 billion banknotes are in circulation annually – and this figure increases each year. With the aid of the most up-to-date track-and-trace methods, we can trace the flow of banknotes in detail. State-of-the-art IT solutions mean we are a component of the digital revolution in making the money cycle even more efficient. With your expertise and passion, you can shape the future by working with us.

Working at CT

Working at G+D Currency Technology

Interesting development opportunities between the poles of traditional values and digital requirements.

Work and success come hand in hand

Who we’re looking for

Are you a professional, a career entrant, a student or pupil who’s open to new things? Then welcome to G+D Currency Technology.

What we stand for

Real trust is based on solid values. Billions of people place their trust in the value and authenticity of their banknotes. To ensure this we live up to three values: the power of innovation, proven reliability, and close collaboration with our customers. We put these values into practice in our daily work at G+D Currency Technology.


Innovation for us means never being satisfied, and passionately forging new paths. We particularly welcome independence and entrepreneurial thinking. If you want to change, we will support you in doing so.


Our workforce consists of 4,800 employees in 20 countries worldwide – an ambitious and international team of colleagues that has high aspirations. Sharing knowledge openly within the team and collaborating on an interdisciplinary basis mean that we all win.


On the one hand, we are looking for specialists who understand printing machines, and on the other hand experts who deal with Big Data. Security knows no compromises. You will collaborate on exciting projects in the field of banknote solutions.