Banknote Design Amounts to More Than Beautiful Banknotes

Optical attractivity and security, fine arts and material science: In banknote design, we unite aesthetics with functionality, and focus on implementation from the outset – from the banknotes’ visual appearance, to secure and efficient banknote production, to meeting the requirements of the cash cycle.

Banknotes are genuine pieces of art of art. They reflect a country’s culture, and communicate messages millions of times over. They also need to be functional and include diverse security features for authenticity and condition checks, to safeguard the efficiency and security of payment transactions.

Our experts analyze cash cycles, identify essential features, and integrate the functional elements into a harmonious design so that banknotes are beautiful whilst also being secure. We also focus from the very first instant on guaranteeing reliable and cost-effective production. From our customers’ perspective, this means high-grade banknotes that meet their stakeholders’ needs and all the technical requirements of the cash cycle.

Graphical Banknote Artwork

Our artists design notes that reflect the appropriate culture and appeal to our appreciation for aesthetics: with trusted patterns and harmoniously integrated security features

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Functional Banknote Design

We analyze our customers’ various cash cycle requirements and integrate functional elements into the overall graphical concept, whilst always remaining focused on efficient and secure production.

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