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We have been producing durable and cost-efficient substrates to protect against counterfeiting for more than 50 years. Traditional craftsmanship has developed into high-tech state of the art manufacturing that fulfills the exacting requirements of our customers.

Notes are exposed to many stresses: soiling, contamination and mechanical wear and damage ultimately lead to the banknotes removal from circulation. Central banks anticipate this, and have to provide replacements ahead of time, incurring replacement costs. And the authentication of worn banknotes and documents is challenging for automated processing systems. At the same time, forgers try to take advantage of third-party assets and data –passports, driver’s license papers, vouchers, and tickets are targeted in addition to banknotes.
Our banknote and security papers offer the ideal solution: robust substrates that also present a significant barrier for counterfeiters. Users can be confident that they are using a legitimate means of payment or security document – and companies reduce their risk of falling victim to product forgers. The full range of established and innovative security features can be integrated into our substrates.

Substrates for demanding requirements

  • Solutions for a diversity of environments

  • Compatible with all security features

  • Optimum processability in printing and finishing

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable production

Banknote Papers

Cotton Paper for Banknotes

The standard banknote paper: cotton is the most trusted material for banknotes, and is also the most widely used globally.

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LongLife Banknote Paper

Our LongLife banknote papers are coated with a special protective lacquer to increase their useful life in circulation.

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Hybrid™ Banknote Substrate

Hybrid™  banknote substrate for extremely robust banknotes. The cotton paper core is surrounded by protective, ultra-thin polyester foil.

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Hybrid ADDvance® Banknote Substrate

Hybrid ADDvance®  offers security features that protect the banknote from external challenges – and that’s why it is ideal in humid countries. 

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Security Papers

Standard Security Paper

The standard security paper with cylinder mould watermark is produced from natural materials, and enables the integration of all standard security features.

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TonerFix Security Paper

TonerFix paper was developed specifically for laser printing, offering ideal toner absorption.

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JetFix® Security Paper

JetFix® is very well suited to inkjet printing. Color pigments permeate the material’s surface – so attempts at manipulation are immediately detectable.

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