Secure Banknotes: No Room for Compromise

Security is a mandatory prerequisite in banknote development – reliable protection is the only way to create long-term trust in a payment medium. There can be no compromises here. That is why we have been dedicated for more than 160 years to ensure that banknotes are given the strong and durable security features they need.

There is no straightforward, off-the-the shelf solution for protecting a banknote. Each country determines forward its own requirements for security features and their individual characteristics, always closely co-ordinated within the design scope. The security features in a banknote must also be appropriate to the denominations and cash cycle requirements; meanwhile, technical progress also continues apace to challenge counterfeiting. And so our engineers and scientists constantly refine security features, enabling central banks to select their individual solution from a scalable product portfolio.

And the portfolio is impressive! Whether watermarks, threads, foils, see-through windows, machine-readable or printed security elements, our solutions are amplified on the banknote to create effective protection. Public features are attractive and quickly recognizable, enabling people to easily authenticate a note, while machine-readable features reliably capture the “hidden” features.

That is why central banks and printing plants worldwide entrust the production of their currencies to us. We are driven to take on this core responsibility every day..

Our Solutions

Cylinder Mould Watermarks

Cylinder mold watermarks are fundamental, easily recognizable security elements on a banknote. We have improved technology and production, and made them even more secure.

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Security Threads

Perfectly embedded: essential for protection against counterfeiting whilst also ensuring a long-lasting and visually attractive solution.

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Security Foils

High-tech and eye-catching, these foils offer much scope for design and are difficult to copy.

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Secure Windows – Less is More

Small secure windows in the banknote, featuring different visual effects, can be quickly authenticated whilst also representing a high barrier against counterfeiting.

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Covert Security Features

Magnetics and other effects give banknotes an additional level of security: we use covert elements to better protect cash and extend its functionality.

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Printed Security Features

The importance of printing for banknote security cannot be understated: traditional procedures, striking color pigments and technical innovations make your banknotes clearly distinguishable.

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