Security Features for Sensors

Central banks require covert security elements that are reliably recognized by testing devices or machines.

Mechanical detection of authentic and forged banknotes is crucial for efficient cash processing. We have developed many innovative security features, some of which are integrated into printing inks, threads and foils,and increase security at various authentication levels – from Point of Sale through to fully automated verification by machines in commercial and central banks. Appropriate sensors unequivocally determine the authenticity of a banknote.

FIRST (Fine Infrared Split Technology)

We use a laser to create covert codes on the printed banknote. These are invisible to the human eye and can only be read by sensors in the machines, under infrared light.

Machine-Readable Magnetism

Magnetic code in security threads ranges from simple yes/no recognition to complex coding (MultiCode). We produce cutting-edge magnetic coding systems and suitable reading systems which fulfill all customer-specific requirements for security and performance.

Infrared Properties for Machines

Special printing inks can absorb infrared light or let it pass through. These banknote properties are monitored by commercial and central banks in mechanical inspection and testing.

Ultraviolet Fluorescents: Bright Security Effects

Ultraviolet light is also used as an inspection feature: special printed inks mean that different colors, color combinations, or rainbow effects, are visible under ultraviolet light.

Phosphorescence: Long-Lasting Security

Following illumination with short-wave ultraviolet light, after a time lag phosphorescent inks emit light that is verified by sensors in processing machines.

Pole – Authentication using a Polarization Filter

Pole represents an innovative and attractive security element that we have developed to supplement or replace widely used ultraviolet fluorescence.


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