Cash Center Outsourcing: Outsource Risks and Buy In Expertise

To stand out from the competition, businesses have to be able to concentrate on their core areas. As a result, an increasing number of banks and casinos rely on cash center outsourcing. It means that they need fewer staff, are always using cutting-edge technologies, and do not need to worry about maintenance, repair, and regular updates; they receive assured performance within clear cost structures.

The outsourced operation of cash centers as a managed service reduces business risk whilst increasing room for maneuver. G+D Currency Technology provides banks and casinos with the machines and personnel those organizations need to implement cash handling based on their needs. This ranges from operating the cash processing room, right through to operating the entire cash center.

We agree individual minimum and maximum quantities that should be processed in a specific timeframe. This is accounted for with a service fee, enabling the client to perform long-term expenditure planning. Comprehensive reporting on processed deposits is a fixed component of the service. And if the customer one day wishes to take operation of the cash center back into their own hands, we will work together to handle the changeover of process modules or the entire cash center.

The Tangible Benefits of Outsourcing:

  • Businesses can focus on their core areas
  • Calculable operating costs, and no surprises
  • Assured service from the outset, with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in place
  • Greater flexibility, and no need to invest in machines
  • Fewer members of staff in-house, and more external experts
  • No maintenance, repair, or updates to in-house systems
  • Greater reliability due to proven procedures and technologies


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