Cash Processing Solutions for Maximum Efficiency and Security

G+D Currency Technology's solutions range from small systems for bank branches to complete solutions for central banks and large commercial cash centers. Our software and automated solutions can handle even the most demanding tasks.

Our broad range of high-grade cash processing systems meets the needs of all types and sizes of cash centers. The full extent of G+D Currency Technology's expertise and innovation is used even in small systems, ensuring outstanding reliability, security and efficiency. All systems are scalable and can be easily integrated into end-to-end solutions, or extended with software and automation solutions for the processing, packing, or where needed, destruction of banknotes.

Our Solutions

High-Performance Banknote Processing Systems

Innovative technologies ensure efficient and secure banknote processing, while scalable systems are ideal for cash centers of all sizes.

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Automation in Banknote Processing

G+D Currency Technology supplies specific solutions that automatically load banknote processing systems and pack the completed bundles for more efficient cash center management.

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Cash Management Software

Our specialized software family enables the efficient management and monitoring of cash handling processes.

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Banknote Destruction

We are a pioneer in the banknote destruction market. Our high-performance machines destroy and briquette up to 1.5 tons of banknotes per hour.

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Professional Coin Processing

Our innovative Cashwork One system sets new standards in the precise verification and sorting of coins.

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