BPS® C2 Product Family: Outstanding Performance in All Its Variety

Within the compact table-top segment the BPS® C2 product family offers superior productivity, utmost security, and a compact, attractive design with a very high level of user-friendliness. In addition, a choice of three variants – as well as a wide range of configurations – enables the systems to fulfill specific requirements that will take the efficiency of your cash process to a completely new level.

Whether you use them in a cash center, a casino or the back office of a bank branch, find out which BPS® C2 system is the best choice for increasing your productivity and preparing you for future challenges in banknote processing.
With a new generation of sensors, G+D Currency Technology is setting new benchmarks in the class of compact table-top systems. The high throughput of the BPS® C2 means that productivity can be increased considerably. The use of state-of-the-art technologies and G+D´s many years of experience in the tabletop sector make all the difference, Discover the foundations for sustainable competitiveness, today as well as in the future.

One platform – numerous advantages

The new BPS® C2 family is a platform from which you can choose precisely the system you need - tailored to the required application, and optimized for your business. Each system combines precision with consistent speed – during counting, sorting, authentication, and even when reading serial numbers.

Benefits at a glance

  • Greater productivity: The consistently high speed of 1,050 BN/min when counting, sorting, authenticating or reading serial numbers (not available in all regions)
  • Greater future viability: Numerous possible interfaces allow the BPS® C2 systems to integrate perfectly into the respective system landscape. Cutting-edge tools, applications, and web services allow even more efficient and cost-effective processes.
  • Greater ease of use: Intelligent software architecture ensures a simple and intuitive operation
  • Greater security: Ultimate top-class sensors - fast, reliable and precise

BPS® C2-2

Outstanding Performance Meets Compact Size

The BPS® C2-2 offers efficiency in its most compact form. Two output compartments offer an array of options for sorting, such as by denomination, orientation, or fitness and if needed tickets for casino application. What’s more, the best sensors in their class guarantee maximum reliability for authentication and fitness detection. This makes the BPS® C2-2 the go-to choice for top performance and a high degree of variability for commercial banks, retailers, cash-in-transit companies and casinos.
For its excellent product design and unparalleled user-friendliness the BPS® C2-2 was honored with the German Design Award 2018.

BPS® C2-3

Outstanding Performance – Advanced Flexibility

With three output compartments and one reject compartment, the BPS® C2-3 offers numerous individual sorting options by denomination, by orientation and by fitness. It also processes TITO tickets for casino applications. Consistent high speed of 1,050 banknotes per minute ensures superior productivity and best-in-class sensors guarantee maximum reliability during authentication, fitness detection, and even reading serial numbers. Thanks to its small footprint (33 x 43 cm), the BPS® C2-3 can also be used where space is very limited. 

BPS® C2-4

Outstanding Performance – Maximum Flexibility

The BPS® C2-4 is the benchmark for compact table-top systems. It has four output compartments and one reject compartment to offer a superior variety of individual sorting options  by denomination, by orientation or by fitness, and if needed, TITO tickets for casino applications. The speed of 1,050 banknotes per minute is available in all operation modes. Bottom line: the BPS® C2-4 is the ideal choice for commercial banks, cash-in-transit companies, and casinos that seek to combine peak performance with ultimate flexibility.


Service and Software

Future-proof use of digital potential: The BPS® Eco-System is an innovative portfolio of highly secure networked software products and web services that boost the efficiency of your cash management and banknote processing. The offering includes, among others, the industrial firewall BPS® Eco-Protect, the remote management solution BPS® Eco-Remote, and the comprehensive cash management software Compass VMS® .
In addition, G+D Currency Technology always ensures maximum system availability by means of comprehensive technical support, needs-appropriate maintenance solutions, and remote services.
Experienced consultants help our customers with analyses of the current processing operation, customized suggestions for solutions, and support in implementation, so they can reach their productivity objectives.

Casino White Paper

Streamline Cash: A Playbook for Casinos

From soft count to cage operations, every dollar matters and needs to be maximized to its potential. This white paper serves as a playbook to increase efficiency and security and reduce cash handling errors.


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