BPS® M3: High-Speed for Maximum Efficiency

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Rising cash volumes and increasing outsourcing by central banks mean that many commercial cash centers will process higher quantities of cash in future than they do today. This requires solutions offering optimum productivity and security, as well as high efficiency. The new BPS® M3 high-performance system is our answer.

All of our expertise in the development of high-end systems for central banks and high-volume cash centers has been poured into the BPS® M3 and we aligned it perfectly to the needs of commercial cash centers.
Equipped with the new NotaScan® InOne sensor, the system precisely and reliably counts, checks, registers, and sorts up to 76,000 banknotes per hour, as well as automatically banding them. This reduces manual work steps required to a minimum. The manpower and time required to operate the system are correspondingly low, while security is enhanced.

The intelligent design of the BPS® M3 enables extraordinary efficiency: operation via touchscreen and a new application is easy and intuitive – similar to using a smartphone. In addition the singler, with its capacity of up to 4,000 banknotes, guarantees constant processing, and enables quick, smooth operation. Following the tradition of high-speed systems from G+D, the BPS® M3 also offers an array of options for customizing the system itself, as well as pre- and postprocessing solutions.

Benefits at a glance

  • High productivity: the BPS® M3 processes up to 76,000 banknotes per hour, and reduces work steps to a minimum – for maximum efficiency.

  • Security: state-of-the-art sensors precisely and check value, security features, and fitness for circulation. Tickets and banknote serial numbers are also securely detected.

  • High flexibility: the modular structure and numerous extension options enable the system to be adapted - even to changed requirements after installation.

  • Very user-friendly: ergonomic design and an advanced graphical user interface make the system easy and intuitive to use.

  • Optimum efficiency: the notable robustness and quality of the BPS® M3, as well as its high productivity, guarantee many years of reliable operation.

Modules & Services

Maximum flexibility for future requirements

The modular structure of the BPS® M3 means it can easily be supplemented with additional hardware and software options, and as a result can be adapted to meet current and future needs. The optional NotaTracc® system, for example, enables automatic loading of the BPS® M3, and increases load capacity tenfold, to up to 40,000 banknotes.

Software, service and consultancy

The efficiency of cash management and banknote processing is even further enhanced by the BPS® Eco-System, an innovative portfolio consisting of software products and web services. In addition, G+D Currency Technology always ensures maximum system availability by means of comprehensive technical support, needs-appropriate maintenance solutions, and remote services. Experienced consultants help our customers with analyses of the current processing operation, customized suggestions for solutions, and support in implementation, so they can reach their productivity objectives.



Everything you need to know about the new high-speed system for maximum efficiency

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