ProNote 300: Compact, flexible and impressively fast

⚠ not available in Mainland China

The compact ProNote 300 is steadfast in its speed but flexible in its functionality. Its condensed power and intuitive design allow this hand portable device to swiftly process banknotes according to numerous personalized preferences.

Bank branches, currency exchange companies and retailers must count and sort banknotes in a variety of fast-paced environments. To meet these on-the-go requirements, ProNote 300 processes banknotes with astounding speed and accuracy, while weighing just six and a half kilograms. Utilizing state-of-the-art infrared sensors, the machine ensures a high level of authentication, verification and valuation of banknotes. ProNote 300 also boasts easy-to-use, customizable features, with the ability to recognize up to 30 currencies and flexibility for future requirements.  

Benefits at a glance

  • Superior counting speed of up to 1,500 banknotes per minute
  • Easy operation and intuitive LCD touch screen
  • Special infrared sensors ensure highest level of authentication
  • Compact size of 255 x 263 x 268 6.5kg and small footprint
  • Simple updates adapt it quickly to new requirements
  • Advanced recognition of up to 30 currencies

Intuitive Operation

An LCD touch screen and clear menu guidance make ProNote 300 easy to run and quick to adapt. All important functions are available simply at the touch of a button.

Future-ready Flexibility

ProNote 300 offers a flexible range of applications that can be adapted quickly to changing requirements. With numerous processing modes and a compact, portable size, it is the efficient banknote processing machine that delivers concentrated power.

Reliable and Superior

Sophisticated sensors ensure that ProNote 300 verifies mixed banknotes with reliability and precision. The option of auto-currency or mixed currency functions allows for processing of multiple currencies and accounts for various operational needs.


ProNote 300

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