Data Intelligence for a Clear View of Banknote Production

If the waste rate in banknote printing can be reduced by minimizing printing faults, banknote production becomes more cost efficient. But single-note inspection alone is not enough to achieve this. The addition of smart analysis software makes it possible for print facilities to use their data to better identify any production errors, to limit faults in the process, and resolve any faults early – by implementing a fact-based continuous improvement process.

Improving quality and efficiency while at the same time reducing cost is a continuous challenge for every banknote printing facility. A run of ten million print sheets of 54 banknotes each – as the second series of 10-euro notes had – means 540 million potential sources for faults that need to be detected in single-note inspection.
After cutting, at least 100 relevant properties are checked on each banknote, which not only requires outstanding technical capabilities, but also drives up the volume of data generated. However, single-note inspection systems are simply not able to record banknote metadata such as input unit or sheet position.

Identify the snagging points

  • The SeriTrack® LUNA solution from G+D Data Intelligence® enables all data from multiple BPS®  X9 and BPS®  2000 OBIS systems to be merged and evaluated for banknote quality analysis.
  • SeriTrack® LUNA has an intuitive user interface that make it easy to quickly get the best out of the software: Interactive dashboards support the user to find the right answers fast, and to discover even more.
  • SeriTrack® LUNA uses the banknote serial number and the numbering scheme on the sheets to locate the original sheet position of every banknote, and provides numerous error statistics based on this sheet position. This allows the identification of process steps that did not run smoothly, and the reasons why banknotes were rejected as waste.
  • The SeriTrack® LUNA solution is offered for on-premises installation, as well as in the form of a web service hosted in the secure G+D data center. Special consulting support gets clients started with using the application, and helps them to eliminate printing errors.
  • Whereas small data visualization tools such as G+D Currency Technology’s BPS®  Eco-Analyzer only offer "snapshots" – statistics for the last 50,000 banknotes, for example – SeriTrack® LUNA can visualize an entire print job and analyze the development of individual data spots over time.

From raw data to comprehensive analysis

The BPS®  X9 incorporates a highly complex sensor system that uses infrared, UV, magnetism and ultrasound to inspect banknotes, and then delivers raw data to be processed by computers and compared with threshold values. It takes just 22 milliseconds to decide whether an individual banknote meets all the requirements: A BPS®  X9 can check 44 banknotes per second. The measurement results are stored in a database, from where they can be sent to the SeriTrack® LUNA application located in the BPS® network, or in the highly secure G+D Currency Technology data center. The outcome of a normal print job is between 40 million and 200 million data sets being assigned to the appropriate production unit and combined into incidences: For example the SeriTrack® LUNA analytics engine might detect that the pigment in one print sheet is repeatedly smeared in the area of the blue European flag. The person responsible for printing can then use this information to prioritize and specifically search for causes and/or solutions to faults, where it was previously virtually impossible to use quality control data as feedback in the printing and substrate production processes.

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