Product Authentication: Security by Design

The interaction between anti-counterfeiting security and beautiful design is a factor for success of any brand. That’s why we rely on highly decorative and innovative security features when protecting brands and products. They give people worldwide that positive feeling of holding a reliable product in their hands that is protected against counterfeiting and other manipulations.

In order to reached today’s demanding customers, products, and their packing need to be attractive. They should address consumers directly and, ideally, feature a smart added value, such as integrated counterfeit protection. The combination of these benefits makes the difference at the Point of Sale.

Security features for brand and product protection come from banknote production, in which G+D Currency Technology has been active for over 160 years. As a result, the company is highly trusted – after all, banknotes are one of the best-protected values of our time. Our security features do even more in this respect: A product that is beautifully designed sets itself apart from competition, speaks to buyers, and is a highly attractive prospect. In addition, the technologies can be combined and seamlessly integrated into existing production processes.


Premium security feature with image change & dynamic effects

SIGN® surprises, communicates, and inspires confidence, with smart added value. It enables highly flexible design and interacts with the packaging design environment.

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Micro Oriented Variable Effect (MOVE)

Movement for Brand Protection

MOVE (Micro Oriented Variable Effect) uses dynamic effects to protect brands and products against counterfeiting. Its bold colors, punchy embellishment and relief-style embossing make it attractive and highly recognizable.

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Anti Piracy Technology (APT): No Chance for Counterfeiters

Invisible and machine-readable: the APT security feature is a powerful weapon in the fight against brand and product piracy, as it makes every counterfeit immediately noticeable.

Printed and Embossed Anti-Copy Key ( PEAK® ): Integrated Security

PEAK® is a three-dimensional security feature that is easy to verify and integrates straightforwardly into the production process.


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