How to Increase Efficiency in Casino Count Rooms

In the dynamic environment of the international casino, cash is king and efficient management of currency – which leaves little room for error – is central to the overall health of the business. G+D’s next count room seminar at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut will focus on the five most common mistakes that occur in count rooms and offer viable solutions.

The seminars (currently only available in the US) are an opportunity for stakeholders including count room and cage managers, financial and general management to meet with experts from the casino industry and technology solution providers to discuss how they can improve their internal processes and reduce inefficiencies. Through presentations, panel discussions and round table groups, participants will learn how to streamline their cash counting and management processes, to implement best practices and industry standards, to integrate automated and digital processes and ensure their count rooms are operating to maximum productivity. As part of the seminar, participants will be taken on a tour of the host’s state-of-the-art count room. G+D's job is to help the casino become more efficient as well as productive in a more transparent and secure environment than they have today. We evaluate the individual needs of each casino, provide an assessment and offers solutions which will improve the end to end cash flow. Each casino has its own sensitivities and there are considerable regional variations to take into account. So this  event is a great opportunity to meet the customer and find out about their business needs.

Count Rooms: The Most Common Mistakes

Most mistakes in casinos today arise from over-reliance upon manual entry: particularly counts, recounts and reporting. Count rooms which have not been modernized can quickly become congested, inefficient and high pressure places to work, often with a high staff turnover. A typical count day in such an environment might involve between 25 to 50 people and take between 8 to14 hours, sometimes without rotation. The majority of problems that our customers encounter in their count rooms can be attributed to human error. In summary they are:

  • Too many people: not enough automation. Results in inefficiencies and high staff turnover.

  • Poor layout: count rooms become cramped with restricted movement from station to station.

  • Outdated processes and/or machinery: old equipment or processes that have not been adapted to new hardware and software systems.

  • Variances: mistakes in the count and recount process due to manual entry, reporting and other forms of shrinkage.

The Best Practices in Cash Handing

In the seminar we will be exploring different ways to introduce best industry practices in cash handling, optimize productivity and minimize shrinkage. We will be breaking down the cash flow and looking at some of the best solutions to old and persisting problems. For example, these might include better coordination of staff, consolidation of cash points, improving transportation and integrating the latest automated processes to increase through-put and reduce error. These best practices can be summarized as:

  • Improved processes: from teller > table > count room > vault we will look at how making efficiencies can expedite the flow of cash. With automated counting and sorting solutions, different cash points (slots, tables, kiosks and bar revenue) can be centralized in a single central cash room.

  • Modernization: increased automation means greater speed, efficiency, security and substantial reduction in errors due to manual entry. Today’s banknote processing systems can reach speeds of 120,000 banknotes per hour.

  • Greater transparency: software solutions such as BPS® Casino Connect can link up what’s happening on the floor via security cameras to what’s happening in the countroom or on the teller line. Managers can have greater visibility and control over the flow of cash.

  • Shrinkage analysis: identifying the weak points and introducing more efficient practices such as shrink-wrapping, auto-loading and automated solutions. Improving security by reducing the number of people who handle cash and the situations where shrinkage can occur.

How Casinos can Raise their Game while Reducing their Risk

Case Study: Island View Resort

Island View is a large and popular casino and resort on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the USA.  Their relationship with G+D began in 2011: after an initial diagnosis, they installed a  BPS® 1000 to replace several aging machines. “With our first high-speed machine from G+D, we saw an instant savings to our payroll as well as a huge improvement to accuracy and reliability,” says Al Elder, count room manager. As a result, the team took on more responsibilities, including daily drop, count and impress of kiosks. The currency volume tripled and it was soon time to upgrade. This time the team chose the BPS® M5, capable of processing 80,000 banknotes per hour and the ability to strap currency across all denominations. The casino also bought two BPS® C4s as a backup system to ensure the team met its zero downtime goal. The machines were installed with BPS® Connect Casino, which has made all the difference. “We can leverage BPS® Connect Casino in completely new ways right across our operations. Our audit team appreciates the complete view it provides for soft count operations and it gives me the opportunity to monitor two count rooms at once.” Says Elder.  Aside from substantially increased efficiency, there have been other upsides for the team. Overall, staff morale is far higher, despite the loss of three FTE roles.

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Island View Casino Resort

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