Banknote Design and Security

Banknotes are probably the best-protected artworks in the world.

Form follows function: this is a frequently quoted and well-known phrase from the American architect Louis Sullivan, who – as the “father of skyscrapers” – had significant influence on architecture in the US at the end of the 19th century. The banknote, a design object, is a prime example of this statement.
Banknotes are more than just official documents that are used as a legal means of payment; they are calling cards for a country, and reflect its culture and tradition. When designing a banknote, content and aesthetics must be visually harmonized and combined with functionality, all on a very small area.

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Design Thinking for Banknote Production

Banknotes need to combine design with high-tech developments, making the banknote production process particularly challenging. The “Design for Production” principle enables the symbiosis of design and production. 

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An “ADDvancing” Portfolio

In regions and countries with extreme circulation conditions, banknotes are exposed to extraordinary stresses. In response we developed banknote substrates Hybrid™ and the new Hybrid ADDvance® , to integrate cutting-edge security features across whole banknote series. Astrid Drexler, Product Manager for High-Security Paper, talks about the expansion of the Hybrid™  portfolio and how the interplay of substrates and security features can enhance efficiency across the complete cash cycle.

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Armenia – Optimising its New Series through Design, Security and Substrate

The Central Bank of Armenia introduced a new series of banknotes at the start of this year, all of which are printed on a durable substrate ( Hybrid™ ) and in which the design and security features have been updated. Arman Hovhannisyan, a Currency Issue Specialist at the Bank, told Currency News what these changes are connected with and how the new banknotes surpass the old ones.

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50 Shades of Green

Louisenthal has launched a new initiative to analyse the ecological footprint of banknotes, assess its own efforts and make the environment one of the core aspects of all future product and production development. This includes an analysis of the production of banknotes with regard to sustainability and the launch of an information campaign - ‘The Life of a Banknote’ - to raise awareness. It also aims to assist central banks and print works in their efforts to improve the sustainability of banknotes.

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Design that connects money and people

Banknotes are a nation’s calling card. And they link a nations people with its money, by telling unique stories but also by offering a secure means of identification by design. 

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A Security Twin Pack

The Central Bank of Armenia issued three of six new denominations on November 22, 2018. The design of the new series provided by the customer has been elaborated and implemented by G+D Currency Technology. This new series introduces the Hybrid™  banknote substrate to the Armenian cash cycle.

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Standardized and individual in equal measure

Banknotes are more than printed paper – they are a nation’s calling card. They represent a people’s finest moments, as well as its history, culture, values; but at the same time they must also “earn their money”. Bernd Kümmerle, Member of the G+D Currency Technology Management Board and Head of the Banknote Solutions Division, explains how to master this balancing act.

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World-first in the wallet

Several million banknotes, five state-of-the-art banknote processing systems, and one global first – all successfully delivered to the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (CBDR) in 2017 by G+D Currency Technology, working within a very tight timeframe.

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Trust is Built on Security

Trust is a currency whose purchasing power cannot be overestimated. Also: „Anyone who creates trust creates stable values,“ says Dr. Wolfram Seidemann, the CEO of Giesecke+Devrient Currency Technology. A conversation about the inspiring powers of stability in times of change.

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Well-designed and secure

Reflections, 3D effects and dynamics: G+D’s proprietary micromirror technology doesn’t just change banknote authentication and design, the level of innovation also sets entirely new standards in terms of anti-counterfeiting security.

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30 Years of Holograms on Banknotes

1988 saw the first use of a hologram on a circulating note. Since then, holograms, also known as diffractive Optically Variable Devices (OVDs), have become one of the most common Level 1 security features on banknotes.

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Substrate for All Circulating Conditions

Secure, durable, attractive, and easily processed by machine – that’s how banknotes should be. Requirements for bankote substrates used are similarly complex. The scalable portfolio from G+D Currency Technology offers proven cotton paper and a range of innovative solutions which can ideally complete a banknote series.

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The Lifespan of Money

How long a banknote lasts is very dependent on how the public handles it. There are regional as well as cultural differences here. Whether people mostly carry their money in a wallet or keep it loose in their pockets has a major impact, for example.

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RollingStar® Security Threads: Secure – Striking – Stunning

Nowhere is confidence in a product more important than with banknotes. Security features are intended to put a stop to illegal copying by helping to distinguish real banknotes from counterfeits.

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ColourShift - Security with style

In developing ColourShift, G+D Currency Technology has produced a security thread that combines attractive design with distinctiveness, individuality and counterfeit protection.

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