Motion in the Cash Cycle

From banknote design, through printing, to processing: today’s key topics in relation to the money cycle.

Cash is always in motion. Certified printing plants deliver banknotes to central banks. Cash-in-transit companies pick up the notes from there. The cash then reaches companies and – through ATMs – private households. Individuals and companies then deposit the money back into the bank, which retains some of the cash in order to fill up its ATMs. Any cash that is not required is returned to the central bank by the relevant financial institution. In some countries, companies also deposit cash directly with the central bank.

Systems and processes that fulfill the highest security requirements guarantee this smooth and efficient cash cycle. This is the only way to ensure that banknotes also continue to enjoy peoples’ trust.

G+D Currency Technology accompanies the entire cash lifecycle and supports the market and its customers in an ever-faster money cycle; follow current trends and let yourself be surprised and impressed by our innovative solutions

Advanced Currency Management: a road map for the future

As the currency industry stands on the brink of a new digital era, facing a world of virtually endless possibilities, it will need a new approach. For more than 167 years, G+D has used its expertise, insights and unwavering commitment to cash, driving both physical and digital solutions, to help steer the industry through numerous milestones and evolutions.

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Cash Center of the Future

What direction should the development of the cash center take if it is to survive in a dynamic, digital environment that is constantly changing? It needs to become an intelligent, secure, and efficient hub that informs the entire currency cycle and designs it to be future-ready. 

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Dividing up the Cash Cycle Cake

An increasing number of central banks are transferring elements of their work to cash-in-transit companies, commercial banks and other commercial players with the objective of making cash management more efficient. But can this happen without losing control over the process?

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A new Era in Egypt‘s Cash Cycle

In Egypt, Giesecke+Devrient designs and builds an integrated plant for the production and processing of banknotes. A starting point for a new era in the countrys cash cycle.

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Secure Network Communication for Cash Processing Systems

Cash processing solutions have become digitally connected on a huge scale, both within companies' internal IT networks and via web- and cloud-based solutions. This development has brought advantages in terms of speed, transparency, and cost, but also entails high security risks.

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The Cash Question: Currency Management for Central Banks

Central banks are facing new pressures. Therefore, many are redefining their role in the cash cycle.

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Innovative Systems for Commercial Applications

This September, the Giesecke+Devrient Currency Technology GmbH product range is expanding to include two new banknote processing systems: the compact table-top device BPS® C2 and the modular high-speed system BPS® M3.

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