Innovative Systems for Commercial Applications

This September, the Giesecke+Devrient Currency Technology GmbH product range is expanding to include two new banknote processing systems. Both the BPS® C2 compact table-top device and the BPS® M3 modular high-speed system reflect developments in technology which have arisen in response to increasing demand from customers, for customized solutions.

Despite the numerous cashless payment options available, cash supplies are on the increase globally. There are currently around 500 billion banknotes in circulation. This means that demand for innovative cash processing technologies and services will persist in the future – but these must be more efficient than machines have been to date, and they must allow for adaptation to new technological trends and special user requirements. Customers are not just looking for all-rounders, but also want systems which are specialized yet flexible.

The BPS® C2 unites speed and precision.

Versatile and customizable

The compact BPS® C2 is mainly used in bank branch back offices, as well as in cash-in-transit companies and casinos. Banknotes can be processed even more efficiently using the latest generation of compact systems from G+D Currency Technology. Thanks to the latest sensors, the system boasts perfect authentication, and makes it possible to reproducibly sort the banknotes by fitness for circulation.
Furthermore, the BPS® C2 operates at a consistently high speed. During counting, authentication, sorting, and even when reading serial numbers, a throughput of 1,050 banknotes per minute ensures outstanding productivity. The BPS® C2 is also flexible, and can be adapted to suit the customer’s desired application.
Two output stackers and a reject compartment offer a wealth of sorting options, e.g. by banknote denomination, orientation, or fitness for circulation. This makes the BPS® C2 the best choice for anyone looking for top performance and high flexibility in banknote processing. “With the BPS® C2, we have developed a highly innovative product that can be tailored very specifically to suit the relevant customer processes, and which therefore maximizes productivity in banknote processing,” explains Erwin Leichtmann, Business Development Director at G+D Currency Technology.

The user interface can be focused to only display the application-specific necessary work steps. This allows user to complete daily tasks efficiently.

Erwin Leichtmann, Business Development Director at G+D Currency Technology

Revolutionary machine design

With the BPS® C2 we have created a new industrial design highlight that is “Made in Germany”. We have taken ergonomic recommendations into account, in the positioning of the input and delivery stackers for example, to allow for fatigue-free work.

Features der BPS® C2

  • Ease of use: simple design and intuitive operator guidance, including an advanced user interface.

  • Productivity: constantly high throughput of 1,050 banknotes per minute, regardless of the application, significantly increases productivity.

  • Security: the latest, top-quality sensors allow high-precision, quick and reliable fitness sorting

  • Futureproof design: connectivity through advanced tools, apps and web services facilitates efficient, cost-saving customer processes.

Our use of advanced technologies makes the difference, along with many years of experience. These form the foundation for increasing productivity in banknote processing.

Erwin Leichtmann, Business Development Director at G+D Currency Technology

BPS® M3: increased productivity and efficiency

Focussed on the essentials

With the BPS® M3, G+D Currency Technology has developed a new system for processing banknotes in commercial cash centers. The new model falls into the class of modular high-speed systems, in the product segment below the BPS® M5 – with a focus on productivity and efficiency. “With the BPS® M3, we have clearly concentrated on maximum productivity and deliberately eliminating comfort features. This has enabled us to offer the system in a price bracket that should make it attractive to more customers,” explains Carmine Grabandt, Business Development Director at G+D Currency Technology, who is managing the launch of the BPS® M3.

The customer defines the ideal system configuration to meet his sorting and production requirements.

Carmine Grabandt, Business Development Director at G+D Currency Technology

Customized and fast

The flexible high-speed system offers many of the benefits of machines in the BPS® M segment, such as a long service life and high throughput. The new NotaScan® InOne sensor uses cutting-edge technology for authentication and fitness sorting, and is therefore futureproof, even if central banks are changing their regulations. The machine can also read serial numbers and tickets – the latter as a special application for casinos.

The modular design of the BPS® M3 makes the machine flexible, meaning that it can be adapted for special customer requirements. For example, a system with four or eight stackers is suitable for denominationally pure deliveries in cash centers. “In India, Kenya or China, for example, it is common for cash centers to process a single denomination at a time. In these cases, the machine is required to perform tasks such as counting as well as sorting by condition and where applicable by orientation,” says Grabandt. In countries which handle multiple denominations, additional stackers are needed to sort the banknotes. Banknotes are checked for value and authenticity at a high throughput – up to 76,000 banknotes per hour – and at the same time they are sorted based on defined criteria, such as denomination, fitness for circulation, or orientation. And in casinos, tickets can be sorted into defined stackers. The BPS® M3 can, of course, be fully integrated into cash management software systems.

Features of the BPS® M3

  • Throughput: up to 76,000 banknotes are processed per hour, and the Large Continuous Feeder (LCF) can be loaded with up to 4,000 banknotes.

  • Security: reliable checking of fitness properties, security features, serial numbers and other criteria using the latest sensor technology.

  • Connectivity: the BPS® Eco-System, an innovative portfolio of software products and web services, makes cash management and banknote processing even more efficient.

  • Efficiency: highly robust design and outstanding product quality ensure that the system will operate reliably for years to come.


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