Secure Network Communication for Cash Processing Systems

Cash processing solutions have become digitally connected on a huge scale, both within companies' internal IT networks and via web- and cloud-based solutions. This development has brought advantages in terms of speed, transparency, and cost, but also entails high security risks. Critical equipment for banknote processing, packaging and process automation has become vulnerable to threats of cyber attack.

Financial institutions have already begun to see the initial payoff from IoT technologies in their daily operations; real-time cash management helps them improve productivity and reduce costs in many different ways, so it’s no surprise that central and commercial banks, as well as large cash centers, are moving forward with connecting their operational systems, processes, and applications, using IT networks and the internet. However, implementing mass communication via open networks in industrial systems which were previously wholly isolated, makes them vulnerable to cyber crime. As the mid-year report from Accenture Security shows, recent large-scale cyber attacks indicate a growing front of destructive threats and impact on business. “The first six months of 2017 saw ransomware evolving further, producing more viral variants, and being unleashed by potentially state-sponsored actors and cyber criminals,” said Josh Ray, managing director at Accenture Security. “Our findings confirm that the bar has been considerably raised for cyber security teams across all industries, in terms of defending their assets over the coming months.”

With the increase in real-time communication via open networks, critical equipment for banknote processing, packaging and process automation has also become a target for cyber threats. As such, banks, cash centers, and casinos must take appropriate action to protect their infrastructure and therefore reduce the impact of potential cyber attacks.

Tamper-proof processes in open networks

BPS® Eco-Protect firewall: What can’t be seen, can’t be attacked

Like most industrial plants, banknote processing systems are designed to achieve maximum productivity with minimum downtime. In the past, these systems generally operated in isolation, with little or no connection to other machines. So naturally, IT security was not an active concern when it came to Operational Technology (OT). That’s no longer the case. Wherever devices, banknote processing machines, and other financial technical equipment use open networks to communicate, it is vital that those processes are completely tamper-proof.

BPS® Eco-Protect is a secure, efficient, and comprehensive solution for protecting BPS® machines – and others in an open network – against any kind of cyber attack.

Stefan Eberhardt Technical Product Manager IoT/IT Security Currency Technology/Currency Management Solutions G+D Currency Technology GmbH

Using the BPS® Eco-Protect industrial firewall solution from G+D Currency Technology, banks, cash centers, and casinos can secure BPS® machines’ network communication throughout their entire lifecycle. The Eco-Protect box sits between the network and the BPS® machines, concealing them out of reach from cyber threats such as viruses, trojans, malware, scareware, and ransomware. “It’s very simple: What cyber criminals can’t see, they can’t attack,” explains Stefan Eberhardt, Technical Product Manager IoT/IT Security at G+D. As you would expect of an industrial firewall, Eco-Protect undergoes regular penetration tests and is frequently updated, ensuring maximum safety, uptime and productivity for BPS® machines.

Key benefits and features

  • Comprehensive. BPS® Eco-Protect secures all kind of industrial applications and systems (including third-party systems) so they can be safely connected to any networks

  • Up-to-date. The appliance is fully compliant with the latest security requirements, and has an up-to-date user interface that fulfills current IT security standard

  • State-of-the-art. BPS® Eco-Protect runs on a hardened Linux operating system and transforms FTP protocol into a secure, encrypted FTP protocol

  • User-friendly. The BPS® Eco-Protect web interface is easy to use