Securing Values in a Connected World

The value of money is based on confidence. In a dynamically changing world G+D Currency Technology shares its unique knowledge of securing values. As a leader in currency technology in all key areas of currency circulation, we are constantly maximizing productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Billions of people place their trust in the value and authenticity of their banknotes. WIth our unique skills, we create innovative and secure foundations for monetary transactions. From forgery-proof currency design to the highly efficient processing of banknotes, all the way to reliable banknote destruction. G+D Currency Technology offers unique, all-round know-how in every aspect of application. To ensure this we live up to three values: the power of innovation, proven reliability, and close collaboration with you.

The Market Leader in Banknotes and Currency Processing Solutions

5,000 x one step ahead

More than 5,000 cash-centers worldwide make use of our technologies.

171 x ahead of time

In 2016 G+D Currency Technology applied for 171 new patents.

135,000,000,000 x trust

To date, we have been printing 135,000,000,000 banknotes.

145 x at the highest level

Over 145 central banks trust our security solutions.

Engineered with excellence

The safest banknotes

Unique expertise in all areas of manufacturing counterfeit-proof banknotes to secure your values, everywhere around the world.

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The most intelligent systems

We offer the most integrated, smartest solutions for counting, authenticating, and sorting inventories of banknotes.

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The most individual services + solutions

As a holistic supplier, we fulfill your requirements throughout the entire cash cycle by providing integrated solutions using systems, software, and services.

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Shaping the Future of Cash

Cash Processing – The Cash Bundle as a Service

Central and commercial banks are increasingly outsourcing cash processing. The example of the Central Bank of Brazil highlights the benefits of the service.

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The Connected Banknote

Cash and software complement each other beautifully: The cost-efficiency of banknotes in production and in the cash cycle can be significantly improved with the aid of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Securing values in a connected world

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