Automated Cash Operations Management and Inventory Monitoring

Digitalization drives efficiency and provides higher transparency across the entire cash cycle reducing the cost of cash for central banks and providing a competitive advantage for the commercial sector. Tangible results include decreased labor costs, reduced internal cash shrinkage, an optimized cash flow, reduced armored car fees, and accurate counterfeit detection.

Together with our customers we identify the business needs and deploy a tailor-made cash management solution to achieve a significant return-on-investment. Our experts can ensure productivity gains by automating cash management systems and processes. Our flexible, functional software family is constantly being extended to keep up with the ever-changing requirements of cash center management.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Automated cash processing

  • Transparent and traceable operations

  • Optimized and predictable inventory

  • Optimum process support

  • Secure and sustainable processes

Compass VMS®

Transforming the Future of Cash Center Management

Compass VMS® (Vault Management System) manages the end-to-end cash processing center operations. Interfacing to cash order requests and deposit notifications for both internal and external customers, it ensures that cash orders are delivered with promptness and precision. The solution accurately tracks and verifies deposits through the currency vault. The inventory control component enables accurate tracking of all currency movements within the cash center from pre-notification of inbound shipments to outbound shipments and carrier track-and-trace systems.

A Future-Proof Solution

Cash centers of all sizes can manage inventory, process and account for deposits, and administer payouts or cash orders for both automated and non-automated cash centers.
It has been designed and developed on the principle of modular functionality and extendable architecture. All modules are implemented on a common deployment platform which allows them to share the same metadata and store all the transactional data in a single centralized database to empower management reporting. Compass VMS® can be shaped into a tailored solution to satisfy customized processes and requirement and has various interfaces to ERP, RTGS and G/L systems and can work with Oracle or MS SQL databases. Our customers can manage their cash operations by using a centralized configuration, where one installation of the system supports many or all of the connected cash centers. This allows the use of a single set of deployment infrastructure to be shared across the entire organization.
Compass VMS® is also available as a "Starter" edition for emerging cash operations and can be seamlessly upgraded to support future business growth.

Compass ICO®

Optimizing Stocks

With Compass ICO® (Inventory Control and Optimization), organizations whose cash in circulation is distributed across several sites, gain control over their internal cash cycle. The software enables inventory levels at a specific site to be optimized in accordance with definable rules. In addition, Compass ICO® supports central banks in distributing new issues and the withdrawal of old series of notes from the currency cycle and can for example, assist in cash order announcements or stock forecasting.

Easy Integration

Compass ICO® is based on current IT standards such as Oracle or SQL server data bases, and relies on the Compass VMS® IT architecture. It has a web interface that offers easy and secure access to the core functions of daily work, as well as to configuration settings. Both Compass ICO® and Compass VMS® use SAP Business Objects as the basis for in-depth and flexible reporting functions.

BPS® Connect Casino

Optimum Process Support

Providing production intelligence for casino soft count room processes, BPS® Connect Casino provides out-of-the-box interfaces to all BPS® systems as well as other casino management system hardware and software. The software can be implemented with minimal integration effort and offers count room operators, supervisors, and managers a 360º overview of casino count room operations.


With the acquisition of Transtrack International, G+D has extended its product portfolio with CashWebCommunity, a modular software product for managing the end-to-end cash supply chain. Its integrated solutions range from ATM & branch management, to transport, cash center, retail management and cash forecasting. CWC ensures improvement of efficiency, visibility, traceability, security, cash inventories and closer cooperation between all actors in the cash supply chain.

Cash-in-Transit companies around the world are using its track&trace technology and mobile application to improve their competitive position, create new business models that impress their (retail) clients, and perform a flawless transport operation. From automation of vaults and the receive and dispatch area to the planning of routes and the on-route execution.

Optimized Supply Chain

Using CWC, commercial banks reduce interest costs by forecasting and optimizing cash levels at ATMs, branches, and vaults, and by optimizing CIT services. The all-in-one solution lets banks monitor and optimize cash levels, insurance limits and technical status of all cash points, in real-time. CWC gives them full control over their outsourced cash center and transport services, perhaps adopt a multi-CIT strategy, and offer their retail customers complete cash management, including (pre)crediting and safes & terminals.

Cash Forecasting

CWC leverages data on cash demand to predict recirculation and the need for fit banknotes and coins. With multiple statistical algorithms and machine learning, CWC predicts cash demand months and years ahead, on denomination and fitness level, including seasonal forecasting, trend analysis and scenario planning.

CashWebCommunity integrates with Compass VMS® and Compass ICO®, allowing for different kinds of hybrid solutions for managing your cash centers and transport sites.

BPS® Eco-Protect

Secure network communication

BPS® Eco-Protect is a secure, efficient, and comprehensive solution for protecting BPS® machines in an open network against any kind of cyber attack. With Eco-Protect, BPS® systems are able to achieve maximum productivity with minimum downtime, and to communicate safely via the internet.

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