Secure UHF for hands-free ticketing

With the rapid increase in urban populations, freedom of movement for passengers will be absolutely crucial to prevent congestion. Public transport must perform better, be more efficient, meet changing expectations, and be more customer-oriented.

G+D Mobile Security has developed the world's first encryption based on ISO29167-19 for UHF technology that will revolutionize hands-free ticketing, allowing passengers to just walk in and out (WIWO) or be-in and be-out (BIBO). BIBO or WIWO is the common name for ticketing long-range technologies that automatically detect and register the presence of passengers in a public transport vehicle. Hence, passengers don't need to tap any contactless card or mobile phone to readers at gates, thus eliminating most of the user interaction that takes place when checking-in and out at CICO systems. To untap these opportunities, though, transit operators and system integrators had, until now, to choose between UHF long-range passive (no battery) contactless performance without encryption and high security in HF technology.

First secure UHF technology developed by G+D experts

G+D now offers Secure UHF as enabling technology for the implementation of secure and reliable hands-free ticketing systems. Our technology is the first and only secure UHF technology currently available, serving the need for combined long-range contactless performance with cryptographic security implementation. It fits perfectly in account-based ticketing systems where identities are managed in the backend systems.

Secure UHF by G+D Mobile Security

Secure UHF is a breakthrough in long-range RFID

While existing UHF solutions are communicating in an unsecure way with plain text, Secure UHF bridges this gap, connecting passive devices for public transport purposes in a secure and cost-efficient way.

Secure UHF is a breakthrough in long-range RFID where security, until now, was not available. Other solutions i.e. based on BLE (Bluetooth low energy) and beacons, have to rely on customers' devices and are therefore difficult to maintain and are subject to changes in mobile phone technology. Secure UHF, however, is used in a contactless RFID media, which has been in the field for decades and is mass-proven.

A new low-power encryption technology called RAMON

G+D Mobile Security has developed a new encryption technology called RAMON, leading to the standardized ISO 29167-19. This technology is characterized by saving power consumption in the RFID (radio frequency identification) chip, which is essential in UHF technology in order to keep long read-out distances.

Unlike existing UHF tags, the data is now transmitted in a securely encrypted manner. This is to prevent unauthorized reading and cloning of the data during transmission between tag and reader.

Bringing authentication and privacy into the long-range game

In general, as more and more powered devices become connected with the IoT and smart cities, there is also a need to connect passive devices without batteries. Active devices are too expensive and therefore not accepted in transit and other environments (high maintenance needed).

Secure UHF brings authentication and privacy into the long-range game: cryptographic keys can be used for tag authentication or for privacy protection.

Secure UHF application areas

We see potential for smart mobility applications including

  • innovative ticketing solutions like hands-free ticketing (BIBO, WIWO)

  • automated fare collection (AFC)

  • fast visitor processing

  • access control

  • automatic vehicle identification (AVI)

  • track & trace

Public transport

Hands-free ticketing with Secure UHF

Hands-free ticketing solutions will gain importance to speed up onboarding with higher throughput and simultaneous validation instead of one-by-one ticket validation. This approach also provides the unique possibility of serving the requirements of gated and non-gated public transport environments with a single technology, as well as in other proximity environments, like parking.

Hands-free ticketing serves the need for both convenience and throughput of masses. And, in combination with Secure UHF technology, it is the most cost-efficient solution to simultaneously protect the identity and data of passengers.


Track-and-trace in shipping

Virtually limitless freedom in form factors

Secure UHF can be used in all kinds of different contactless media form factors, e.g. cards, stickers, fobs, car windscreen tags etc. The secure UHF chip can even be soldered onto existing CBs for future purposes (e.g. mobile). Transport operators will be able to securely collect ticket revenues and protect all assets while significantly reducing costs.

Benefits of hands-free ticketing with secure UHF

  • Completely hands-free ticketing (read-out up to 8m)

  • Ultra-fast transaction and read-out speeds to handle any rush-hour traffic

  • Easy to implement in existing account-based systems

  • No battery maintenance, costs, or problems with product lifetime or recycling

  • Highest potential in terms of user-friendliness and acceptance: no need to purchase individual tickets, no problems with vending machines, no knowledge of tariffs required, no barriers, no hassle

  • New opportunities for multi-purpose applications in transportation and especially for intermodal transport when applied for e.g. gateways of parking garages

  • Basis for usage-oriented fares increasing consumer appeal

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