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Digital now with Convego® Now

In today's digital world, digital-first customer journeys are essential to deliver the perfect customer experience. However, the process of payment card issuance has traditionally been physical, with cards delivered in person to customers. That's where Convego® Now comes in.

Our solution enables issuers to provide customers with a digital copy of their debit or credit cards, which they can activate and use immediately while their physical card is still in the delivery process. This digital card display in your digital-first customer journey is a game-changer for issuers who are looking to enhance their customer experience, getting top-of-wallet and let their brand shine.
Convego® Now is part of our broader portfolio of solutions, which includes digital PIN, card delivery status and notifications, and push provisioning. By using Convego® Now in combination with our other offerings, issuers can put their customers first and stay at the forefront of any digital service.


Convego® Now Briefing

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Fast, simple and digital first issuance solutions

The modern payment landscape isn’t changing, it has changed. Digital and mobile payment solutions are now not just optional extras, they are a fundamental part of the customer experience, and market expectations have evolved to match.

Matching solutions with the core of the customer user experience

Dive deeper into G+D's products and solutions – and also our products from Netcetera.

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Convego® CloudPay HCE

G+D’s wallet solution has been conferred the Platinum Award in the Best Digital Wallet category sponsored by Juniper Research. With its easy implementation and simple scalability, it has the potential to win your consumers’ hearts.

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Convego® Service Broker

Service Broker, our cloud-based solution acts as a tokenization service aggregator, enabling you to effortlessly integrate with a plethora of token service providers as well as a diverse variety of wallet providers, merchants, and devices. 

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Convego® Token Cockpit

Enhance the capabilities of mobile wallets by empowering customers with visibility and control over their digital payment credentials. Creating a compelling mobile wallet experience enables banks to remain at the core of their consumers’ digital universe.

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Convego® AUTH-U

With Convego AUTH-U, authentication feels invisible yet entirely secure – all you need for strong customer authentication is a touch of a thumb or a glance at a camera. 

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Convego® tap

Our latest innovation allows your cardholders to continue relying on the card that they already have at hand. Strong Customer Authentication use scenarios can be accessed with a single tap on their mobile device.


Superior issuance services

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Managed Card Issuance

Let us manage your card issuance. This puts you as the issuing bank in the enviable position of being able to dedicate yourself completely to your core business and manage relationships with your cardholders.

Illustration of a payment card and of a computer with a security lock

Issuance for Partner

Our scalable Convego Issuance Partner solutions enable you to access a wide range of our card services – including a unified software environment for the shopfloor. You can buy cards or modules from us, but you do not have to worry about the related landscape of distributed machines and software.

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Instant Issuance

We offer self-service solutions for your customers or fit-for-purpose issuance services for offshore locations and your branches.

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Smart Issuance

Smart issuance frees up the traditional choices related to issuance. Our next-generation card issuance platform brings an open environment with it and covers smart services and solutions for increased flexibility, transparency, and connectivity.

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