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Unlock superior e-Commerce experience with Network Tokenization

Enhance security, convenience, and conversion in your e-commerce business

While consumers like the convenience of having their cards saved at a merchant (Card-on-File) for online checkouts, recurring, and subscription payments. Many have security concerns or experience checkout friction, mainly because:

  • Cards get expired, lost, or stolen, making Card-on-File details outdated.
  • Card payments may be considered fraudulent by issuers, leading to a decline.

As a result, whenever the consumer has to re-authenticate or re-identify – whether it's entering their card details or updating them when a physical card expires – the transaction experiences friction, leading to cart abandonment. Eventually, impacting the overall business and merchant's revenue.

Securing cardholder preferences requires striking a balance between checkout security with a seamless experience.

eCOM Tokenizer is a solution supercharged with Network Tokenization that enables you to redefine everyday e-commerce.

This holistic offering by Giesecke+Devrient and our strategic partner Netcetera boosts the e-commerce business for merchants and PSPs by combining the highest levels of security with a seamless customer experience.

Benefits every player in the payment ecosystem:

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It enables merchants to achieve higher revenue and enhance customer satisfaction. The automatically updated payment card credentials facilitate a frictionless payment process and in turn encourage much higher approval rates by schemes. Masking sensitive credit card details with tokenization reduces the risk of data leaks and fraud as merchants no longer hold the liability of storing personal credentials data.

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For PSPs, It provides a clear uplift in merchant authorization rates and higher revenue. In comparison to proprietary tokenization, network tokenization allows for additional end-to-end security with a reduced need for PCI certification. Further, higher approval rates by the relevant schemes and automatically updated payment credentials lead to improved conversion rates and enhanced consumer trust.

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While card-level benefits attract cardholders, an optimized experience ensures consumers choose to use your card with their favorite merchants. This enables issuers to retain the coveted top-of-wallet status as there is no need for cardholders to update their details with a merchant – or to consider reverting to an alternative card as it remains up-to-date throughout. Additionally, with a lower risk of fraud, fewer cards need to be replaced from the issuers’ side.

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It makes for a frictionless payment experience for card-on-file payments, the most popular type of online transaction. Once a token has been created, the customer can see a visual representation of their card on the merchant’s payment pages which instills a higher level of trust in the payment process. Furthermore, they are less likely to experience declined transactions and, when their card expires or needs to be reissued, they don’t have to go through that process of updating their details

John Lunn, founder and CEO of GR4VY

Our partnership with G+D allows us to go one step further and create an intelligent network tokenization solution that is compatible with all card schemes, allows for seamless data exchange and scales flexibly. This provides our users with a technology that simplifies payment processing while enabling higher conversion rates.

John Lunn, Founder and CEO of Gr4vy
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Enhance CX

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Drive Conversion

eCOM Tokenizer in a nutshell

  • Scalable and scheme agnostic: A single harmonized API that provides access to the tokenization services of multiple schemes.  This speeds up time-to-market, and drastically reduces complexity.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Automatic implementation of scheme updates reduces overall maintenance efforts.
  • In line with the latest advancements: Reinvent the online checkout experience by offering value-added services like Click to Pay for your guest checkout.


Case Study

The cover of "G+D and Gr4vy Team Up" Case Study
G+D & Gr4vy Team up

Merchants need to quickly adapt in our hyper-competitive environment, striking a balance between robust security and an exceptional user experience while making online purchases. G+D and Gr4vy have teamed up to provide a seamless solution.


Cover of the eCOM Tokenizer Playbook
eCOM Tokenizer – powered by G+D and Netcetera

With the eCOM Tokenizer solution you can offer secure payments without having to store sensitive customer data, avoiding the need for costly risk management tools, and removing the risk of data security breaches and cyber threats. Instead you can stay ahead of the competition by focussing on your core business and offer a state-of-the-art and convenient customer experience when it comes to fulfilling the payments at the checkout

Insight article

Cover of G+D Insight Article on Enabling a superior e-Commerce experience
Network tokenization – redefining the e-Commerce experience

How can online merchants and payment service providers design the e-Commerce customer journey so it delivers both improved security and a better checkout experience? Network tokenization has emerged as the clear answer.

This technology sits invisibly behind transactions and boosts the e-Commerce business for merchants and PSPs while striking a balance between robust security and seamless CX.

Trend report

Cover of trend report - Boosting e-commerce
Boosting e-Commerce

Innovative payment solutions such as PayPal, Amazon, Alipay, and Klarna, all based on satisfying customer expectations, have been gaining significant market share. Traditional payment models have had to make way for new competition in financial services. It’s now time that you take control of your checkout process and cater to your customers.

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