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The secure window in the banknote is a more recent security advance offering many visual and tactile options; it is difficult to counterfeit and very easy to recognize. The combination of different production steps offers outstanding protection against counterfeits.

Transparency, translucency and image transformation. Plus the existing substrate embedded security. Paper banknotes can offer the best of both worlds: Individual windows on a banknote that feature various foil effects or printed implementation, enable users to immediately check note authenticity. To seal the window, we use transparent laminate foils which present additional information when viewed from above, in transmitted light, or held at an angle.The technology and production process represent a high barrier against counterfeiting.

Benefits of Secure Windows

  • Can be quickly verified by users, and easy to authenticate

  • The production process is exclusive and not available in commercial print and paper technology

  • Paper- and foil-based visual effects in the applied strip also increase security

  • Attempts to counterfeit windows reprographically result in a black window

varifeye – Security through Process Excellence

The varifeye see-through window allows you to authenticate the banknote by comparing the appearance of the window against light and dark backgrounds. The motifs of the design elements integrated in the window change their appearance depending on the background color. In the image below, several “V” characters can be seen in the window, but against a dark background the characters disappear and are replaced by the window in a book shape with a green and black hatched surface. varifeye is based on a complex manufacturing process and therefore offers a high level of protection against counterfeiting.

Depending on the background ink, the appearance of the individual design motifs changes in authentic notes.

varifeye ColourChange

Window with a View: varifeye ColourChange

With varifeye ColourChange, clear motif and color shift are now also possible. We are consistently pursuing the varifeye idea: variable, and easy to verify with the naked eye.

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