Flexible connectivity management drives successful telematics

Embedding SIMs into connected cars during production is necessary to ensure a robust platform for connectivity across the entire lifetime of a vehicle. However, without a way of managing them remotely, manufacturers face significant logistical challenges.

They would either need to stock multiple types of local SIM cards for multiple operators, or install a standardized SIM from a single provider that could incur substantial roaming charges. Deploying local eSIM profiles to updateable, embedded SIM cards over-the-air via eSIM Management dramatically simplifies flexible connectivity management that meets the needs of the automotive manufacturers.

G+D Mobile Security presents an eSIM Management enabled solution that allows car owners to download their mobile phone subscription to a second SIM in the car’s telematics box.

Trusted eSIM Management for connected cars

Connected cars come with factory-installed embedded SIM cards.

Embedded automotive M2M SIM modules by G+D Mobile Security provide the reliable, robust, and trusted platform for the connected car ecosystem.

The SIMs embedded during vehicle production are available in a variety of formats. They can be updated with the eSIM profiles of local connectivity service providers, over the air wherever the connected car is located.

This flexibility drastically simplifies the logistics chain: OEMs and tier-1 suppliers no longer need to stock different hardware SIM versions for the range of countries they serve.

Tried and tested: Full eSIM profile control

G+D’s robust eSIM management platform allows vehicle manufacturers to manage, update, or remove eSIM profiles securely and repeatedly over-the-air across the entire lifetime of the car. As a result, it becomes easy to meet local requirements for imported vehicles in countries where permanent roaming is not permitted, such as Brazil. Automotive OEMs and network operators can also handle exceptional requirements more easily.

In Russia, for example, communications for the automated accident alert service eCall must be routed over the domestic ERA-GLONASS network. The relevant network profile is simply loaded onto the embedded SIM cards installed in cars destined for Russia, where it sits alongside the local MNO eSIM profile for all other communications. Whenever an eCall is activated, the embedded SIM instantly switches the routing of the signal to the ERA-GLONASS network.

Why choose G+D eSIM Management?

G+D has pioneered the development of eSIM Management for many years, and now manages over 10 million vehicle SIMs, including those used by BMW for all its ‘Connected Drive’ services. Your benefits as an automotive OEM include:

  • The peace of mind that comes with a commercially proven, high availability solution

  • Easy integration with other G+D mobile security products and services

  • Easy integration with a range of SIM-based identity services for example, payment, ticketing, and other solutions including mobile device management, mobile marketing, etc.

Key Features

  • Fully interoperable, meeting and exceeding GSMA specifications – v3.1 and v4
  • Simple, fast integration with other solutions e.g. MDM, mobile marketing, BSS, OSS, QoS
  • High availability solution
  • Full service solution including SIM, device software, platform, service, management, and partnerships
  • Adaptable to customer-specific requirements in terms of use cases, user journeys, set-up procedures, etc.

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