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Digital services can help governments and their citizens through the COVID-19 crisis

16/04/2020 Berlin Giesecke+Devrient

Recent global developments in response to the COVID-19 outbreak show an emerging need for digital government services, commonly referred to as eGovernment Solutions. Veridos, a world-leader in identity solutions, explains how governments can go digital and provide citizens with online access to essential government services from their homes or wherever they are.

To adapt to restrictions brought forth by COVID-19, citizens and Governments around the world have witnessed how organizations, in both the public and private sectors, can respond to global challenges by adapting processes and services using digital platforms. Although we now realize more heavily the importance of digital solutions, eGovernment Services (eGov Services) has been a long-term priority for governments across the world that desire to bring convenience and security to their citizens, while also increasing accessibility for all. In light of current events, the opportunity to implement eGov services is now more vital than ever before. Whether it’s applying for an identity document or having access to medical services or fill a tax report, eGov Services allow people to quickly solve bureaucratic matters from their homes.

Innovation is particularly imminent within technologies for Governments, which aim to provide advanced solutions for public services and policies. The drive for innovation in government services at this moment in history in undeniable. With the introduction of an eGovernment platform, citizens can have access to their official documents in their secure personal online vault, which is a place in the Government’s cloud where a person’s documents are securely stored and can be retrieved and shared, at different levels, only by and with authorized individuals, companies or institutions. Additionally, a variety of services can become accessible, for example, the use of digital medical services through video appointments, online schooling and exchange of paperwork with schools and universities, and even renewing documents such as passports online.

The application of eGovernment goes beyond these examples and can be adapted to different situations and needs. For instance, government announcements can be sent through an official app directly to the citizens’ smartphones.

Moreover, eGovernment allows for touchless authentication through the digitalization of citizens’ documents possible. A mobile driver’s license can be authenticated by scanning a one-time generated QR-code, thus avoiding the exchange of a physical document between citizens and law enforcement officers.

“Developing secure and technologically advanced eGovernment services is one of Veridos’ priorities and we continue, as always, to be a trustworthy partner for governments”, says Andreas Räschmeier, CEO of Veridos.

In the new normal, eServices make sure that even during difficult situations, processes are not brought to a standstill. Citizens and government workers, who can now work from home, are protected with digital services. 

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