Sustainability in the supply chain

In order to ensure responsible conduct throughout the value chain, G+D applies the same high standards to its suppliers as it does to itself.

G+D suppliers undergo a stringent selection process – not only according to quality, but also regarding compliance and CSR criteria. The process is based on the high standards of our own company. To determine whether the supplier meets these standards, G+D conducts a Business Partner Evaluation and regular audits which cover CSR issues. The composition of supplied materials, such as SIM cards for production, is captured by G+D in a product environmental management system using a standardized process. This is important, as many products in security technology contain metals which are extracted from ores. Issues regarding human rights compliance often arise in relation to ore-based extraction. The selected process creates transparency within our supply chain and meets the requirements of the Dodd-Frank Act. This US Federal Act governs, among other things, collaboration with raw material suppliers in developing countries. Furthermore, G+D has a mission statement aimed at combatting human trafficking and forced labor. It complies with the British “Modern Slavery Act”, according to which companies must regularly publish information on how they take action against human trafficking and forced labor in their supply chain.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2020-2021


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