It’s Easy when You Know How: Expertise for our Customers

Whether operators, service technicians or system administrators, we ensure that your employees are fully prepared for operating and maintaining the systems used. During modular training sessions, you gain all the expertise you need to efficiently use our banknote processing systems.

Professional use of systems in cash centers requires considerable technical knowledge which must be kept up-to-date. In our practically-oriented training, we convey the expertise required for our customers to fully exploit the performance potential of their systems. The training modules include the communication of both comprehensive system knowledge, and current technical knowledge to enable operating errors to be avoided, or preventive actions taken.

Our trainer’s instruction style is based on the course participants’ individual learning speed and previous knowledge. Our customers have a choice of locations for most of our courses: either in a G+D Currency Technology Training Center, or at the customer site itself. We also offer web-based training, of course.

The content of our training is constantly updated, as the banknote processing sector is subject to constant change that we help both to shape and communicate: another reason that we recommend regular refresher courses for our customers so they can find out about technical innovations.

The benefits of our training:

  • Professional: technical knowledge is trained and refreshed and updated by experts

  • Practical: training in small groups under real conditions, on original systems

  • Individual: Basic courses and individualized training by experienced professional trainers

Target-Group-Based Training

We want to help you to prepare your teams for practical application as fully as possible. We have the right training for every employee who operates one of our banknote processing systems. You benefit from a wide range of training options for users, administrators, and technicians.

Training for Operators

This training gives your employees comprehensive expertise relating to the relevant banknote processing system’s various sorting and accounting modes, enabling them to safely and independently operate the system in daily use. In addition, they will learn how to clean the device and clear a jam, as well as independently resolving minor faults.

Training for Administrators

This is aimed at employees who supervise a group of operators. After this training, participants will be able to allocate and monitor user rights. In addition, they will learn how to detect and resolve simple errors made by users or in systems, such as clearing a jam.

Training for Service Technicians

The focus is on mechanical, electrical, electronic and pneumatic systems: this training will enable participants to independently perform preventive and corrective maintenance on the machine.

Tailor-Made Training

We also offer our clients fully customized training e.g. to deepen their current knowledge. The content is defined based on employee requirements and preferences.


Training Program

See our “Training Program” brochure for more info on training.


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