Numeron® Family – Systems for high-quality banknote processing

Numeron® systems are trusted worldwide for processing high volumes of banknotes in short time with reliable detection of counterfeits. More than 20,000 Numeron® systems have been put into operation at currency chests, cash centers, casinos, back offices and at teller/bank counters.

Benefits at a Glance

  • High-speed processing of up to 12 banknotes per second

  • Secure authentication and value verification

  • Rapid sorting by denomination, series, orientation, or face

  • Reliable detection of counterfeit and composed banknotes

Numeron® CV

With more than 12,000 installed systems, Numeron® CV is known for its performance and ruggedness and therefore well appreciated by commercial banks’ cash centers and back offices. The powerful, multi-functional system has a high-speed processor with cutting edge technology to analyze and process up to 12 banknotes per second making it the fastest system in this category. Advanced sensors ensure precise authentication and detection of counterfeit and composed banknotes. Additional features like cheque scanning, barcode reading and multi-currency detection make the system more versatile.

Numeron® CL

The durable Numeron® CL is the next larger model in the Numeron® Family. With its third stacker it offers fast and reliable fitness sorting of banknotes up to three categories in one single processing step. The high-speed processor of Numeron® CL allows the analysis and processing at a speed of 12 banknotes per second making it the fastest system in this category, too. User configurable operating modes, dual user operation and various types of reports make it easy and intuitive to use and offer high flexibility.

Numeron® CX

Numeron® CX is the compact solution for modern cash centers, which face challenges like time and cost pressure. It has been specifically developed to meet the need of these cash centers, where high volume of cash is processed. The performance of Numeron® CX includes secure authentication and value verification, rapid fitness sorting and multi-currency detection. With its ergonomic design, broad application range and high throughput, Numeron® CX is the ideal choice for enhancing the productivity of cash center operations.

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