Safeguarding identities in a connected world

As industries embrace digitalization, online crime is becoming more organized and more advanced. Our suite of fraud and identity management solutions is designed to protect against identity theft, malware and ransomware every step of the way.

G+D offers a modular approach to fraud and identity management. Our solutions address all industries and cover numerous fields of applications. One of the most prominent is payments – in store at the point of sale (POS), at home via the internet, or in-app on a mobile device. Card-not-present (CNP) fraud is a growing challenge that impacts all industries.

Application areas

G+D Mobile Security lives up to its name by offering customers from all industries the fraud and identity management solutions they need during the development and usage phase of connected devices. Our solutions cover the entire device lifecycle, including onboarding, authentication, updating and payments.

What G+D's remote identification solutions can do for you

  • Easy integration into back-end systems through standardization

  • Smooth onboarding to services without changing the media

  • Strong and reliable authentication beyond just username and password

  • More convenient compared to traditional methods

  • Applicable to most industries

The G+D portfolio of fraud management solutions

Our suite includes secure two-factor authentication for the payments industry, Video Ident for the onboarding step of new customers, biometrics and Mobile ID for financial institutions, mobile operators, device makers, automotive, manufacturing, enterprises, the public sector and transit.


Digital identities can be securely stored. Communicatiion will be end-to-end encrypted and uses state-of-the-art authentication (2-factor authentication, FIDO, or MobileID).

Biometrics picture

Consumers are increasingly willing to embrace biometrics as a more convenient alternative to passwords. As a leading name within mobile biometric authentication, G+D has extensive breadth and depth of FIDO-certified solutions encompassing face, iris, voice and fingerprint technologies.


The payment process is supported using apps in secure wallets, tokenization, HCE and Cloud-based payments, and POS security features. Key management systems with HSMs, end-to-end encryption for the communication quietly support privacy.

Video Ident

Our remote ID verification solution is a secure, compliant and easy to use modular framework. It can be implemented on different channels with a scalable feature set.

Dr. Frank-Michael Kamm, Technology Director at G+D Mobile Security walks us through the user journey when onboarding a new bank customer via video ident.

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User authentication for financial institutions

G+D's intuitive solution is based on official ID documents – such as national ID and passports – while promoting self-service and pre-checks in a bid to reduce eventual agent time.

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Remote ID verification for mobile operators

G+D offers a modular solution that allows operators to offer regulatory-compliant onboarding processes with self-service and pre-check options to reduce agent time.

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