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Banknote processing for casinos

G&D provides casinos around the world with high-security systems for automated cash processing that meet their special requirements. This includes counting and sorting banknotes, authentication, and the flexible processing of different currencies.

Whether you are looking for compact desktop machines or 20-stacker high-performance systems, G&D has the solution to fit your needs, including an extensive service and support package.

Malta’s Dragonara Casino

Efficiency is everything

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G&D | Casinos

Cash center

G&D solutions and products for banknote processing offer the ideal foundation for efficient cash management processes. G&D’s portfolio ranges from the compact “2+1” machine through the 20-stacker, high-performance system to the complete cash center.

Cash center

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  • Banknote processing systems
  • Banknote packaging systems
  • Cash management software
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Remote Access

Strong authentication

G&D offers a wide range of high-security and innovative products that have been successfully introduced to customers around the world. The StarSign product line comprises smartcards, tokens, middleware, and a broad spectrum of additional services for authentication.

Strong Authentication

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  • Smartcards
  • USB Token
  • Middleware