Safer Driving with eSIM technology

Globally reliable connectivity, compliant with local regulations

Safer Driving with eSIM technology

Connected hardware can improve driver and passenger safety before and after an accident. The emergency alert systems eCall and ERA-GLONASS, for example, aim to cut the number of fatalities caused by traffic accidents by shortening the time until rescuers reach accident sites.

During 2018, around 25,000 people died on Europe’s roads (European Commission April 2019). In addition to those fatalities, many more traffic victims sustain severe injuries. These injuries cause considerable economic losses to individuals, their families, and to nations as a whole. The WHO estimates that road traffic accidents cost most countries 3% of their gross domestic product.

Every second counts

Since April 2018 all new cars sold in the EU come equipped with eCall in order to enhance safety on Europe’s roads. eCall ensures that passengers receive rapid assistance. If a severe accident occurs, the vehicle automatically transmits all data relating to the accident. This includes location, the precise time of the accident and direction of travel to the emergency call center. These calls save valuable time. It is estimated that eCall could speed up emergency response times by as much as 50 percent in rural areas. A similar law requires in-car connectivity in Russia and the Eurasian Customs Union.

Technology helps improve road safety

The Connected Car enhances driver and passenger safety before and after an accident. Automotive M2M eSIM Modules ensure secure connectivity, authenticate, encrypt and safeguard data and finally enable the eCall.

Tried and tested: globally reliable connectivity, compliant with local regulations

G+D’s robust eSIM Management platform allows carmakers to manage, update, or remove eSIM profiles securely and repeatedly over-the-air for the entire lifetime of a car. As a result, it is easy to meet local regulatory requirements. By using a single stock keeping unit manufacturing is simplified and costs are reduced.

In Russia communications for the automated accident alert service eCall must be routed over the virtual domestic ERA-GLONASS network. The relevant network profile is simply loaded onto the embedded SIM card installed in cars destined for Russia, where it sits alongside the local MNO eSIM profile for all other communications. Whenever an eCall is activated, the embedded SIM instantly switches from the local MNO to the ERA-GLONASS network.

Functionally, the ERA-GLONASS accident alert service is very similar to the European one. However, there are some essential difference in certification, approval as well as in the import process of vehicles and the operation in the field.

Faster deployment and testing process

To enable more rapid deployments, G+D Mobile Security provides the expertise needed for the approval testing process. We offer the following specialized services:


• Preparation and provisioning of the eUICC for certification and field use

• Provisioning of a compliant ERA-GLONASS applet for certification and field use

• Standard and compliance testing, in coordination with Russian certification organizations and their labs

• Support for the preparation and execution of the certification tests in Russia


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