Connectivity Management

Minimizing the risks and maximizing the opportunities of the connected car era: G+D sets automotive industry standard for vehicle SIM modules

Connectivity Management

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), vehicles will connect and exchange data with other vehicles, infrastructure, and consumers’ devices. Combined projections from Ericsson and the GSMA predict that in 2020 almost 25 billion connected devices will come online. M2M connectivity will drive this growth, inspired by the vision of autonomous cars which will include vehicle-to-vehicle data communication and other connected car services. However, as more cars and vehicles get connected, user and vehicle data must be secured. G+D’s embedded automotive M2M SIMs and eSIM Management provide the reliable, robust, and trusted platform the connected car ecosystem requires.

According to a study by Juniper Research, embedded SIMs (eSIMs) are set to accelerate the adoption of M2M technologies. Embedded SIMs are the state-of- the-art way to enable compliant automotive connectivity. Increased telecom, data privacy and eCALL regulations require intelligent and flexible connectivity management. 

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Technology has transformed almost every aspect of modern life, but vehicles have seen the most dramatic transformation: Find out how G+D Mobile Security helps secure connectivity, provides scalability and supports the customer journey for connected vehicles.

Vehicle SIM modules by G+D are tamper-resistant

Vehicle SIMs are embedded during production.  As an isolated hardware module, vehicle SIMs are tamper-resistant and ensure a robust, secure platform for connectivity across the entire lifetime of a vehicle. The SIMs protect data and keys stored and executed within it against hacking and unauthorized access. However, without a way of managing them remotely significant logistical challenges arise. Reducing logistical complexity in favor of more flexibility requires innovative approaches, such as convenient, over-the-air eSIM profile updates using eSIM Management.

The estimated amount of vehicle services subscriptions will grow from 21 million in 2018 to over 64 million in 2023 worldwide.

Statista Research Department (2019)

No matter what stage of development: G+D solutions address every aspect of secure connectivity and identity management. As a result, auto manufacturers can safely manage millions of connected cars and identities, with no fuss and a free choice of MNO partners.

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Global connected car services, in line with telco regulations

eSIM Management by G+D Mobile Security offers a central, standardized connectivity management service controlling millions of connected cars.  A tangible use case for our solution is fleet management, as handling a large fleet of vehicles for you or for your customers requires scalability and speed. 

Competitive Edge: As our hardware-based eSIMs are embedded during production, your vehicles are enabled to connect to a mobile network the moment they leave the factory. No matter where in the world they are. This considerably decreases time to market and flexibility.  

Reduced total cost of ownership: eSIMs enable secure over-the-air remote provisioning and remote subscription management. This allows vehicles to be shipped directly to the location of sale. Once the vehicle arrives at its destination country the appropriate carrier profile can be remotely provisioned based on its location. This saves time and money as it removes the need to replace the SIM every time there is a change in network carrier. For enterprises with large car fleets this brings enormous benefits: the whole fleet is switched to a new carrier in one go!

Streamline operation by simplifying logistical processes: Remote management capabilities remove the requirement for regular, time intensive software SIM updates and ensure that local in-country regulatory requirements are met.

Highly reliable global scalability - Automotive manufacturers can intelligently and automatically switch to the optimal carrier profile making it easy to meet local requirements whilst staying compliant with in-country regulations. As a result, it becomes easy to meet local requirements for imported vehicles in countries where permanent roaming is not permitted such as Brazil. Automotive OEMs and network operators can handle exceptional requirements more easily. In Russia, for example, communications for the automated accident alert service eCall must be routed over the domestic ERA-GLONASS network. The relevant network profile is simply loaded onto the embedded SIM cards installed in cars destined for Russia, where it sits alongside the local MNO eSIM profile for all other communications. Whenever an eCall is activated, the embedded SIM instantly switches the routing of the signal to the ERA-GLONASS network.


M2MD Communications Gateway: fast, secure, efficient

G+D Mobile Security has partnered with M2MD Technologies, Inc., an innovator in secure, faster, and efficient connected automotive solutions to secure mobile access to vehicles.

Learn how, in collaboration, both companies enable automakers to improve user experience through fast, secure, and efficient cellular automotive connectivity.

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