Smart and flexible connectivity management

Grow your business and attract new customers by offering a convenient and secure digital user experience

Enhancing Consumer experience through Connectivity

With the emergence of new technologies like 5G quality of service has an entirely new meaning for the automotive industry. As smartphone penetration and usage increases, consumers increasingly demand a similar standard of digital services within the car. G+Ds Dual Sim Dual Active solution can benefit both consumers and industry players alike.

As the car becomes an extension of the consumer’s digital life, consumers expect more connectivity and are focused on ease of use. They expect personalized user experiences and the choice connectivity decisions in the car. They are interested in features that save them time and money.

Approximately two in five customers are willing to switch car brands for better connectivity features. 

McKinsey, 2019

Improving the customer experience of in-car connectivity

Connected cars come with factory embedded SIMs. For infotainment services and security features embedded SIMs enable permanent, secure connections carmakers can rely on at all times. Consumers normally cannot use these connections for their personal use without additional costs involved.

In the future, connected cars could have independent eSIMs for both the car and the driver. The second embedded SIM allows consumers to use their private data plan in the car. In essence, the car becomes a mobile device, part of the consumer’s data plan. Connecting is seamless and intuitive as the eSIM automatically activates when drivers enter the car - and deactivates when they leave the car. No more hassle or fumbling with connectivity such as complex Bluetooth pairing. Consumers can use mobile services such as music streaming they regularly enjoy. The added benefit is that this not limited to one person but can be linked to multiple device IDs e.g. younger family members who can access the entertainment system or watch a video.

Benefits of Dual SIM Dual Active

Dual SIM Dual Active benefits consumers and industry players alike. It allows consumers to use their private data plan in the car as they move seamlessly between their home – or other locations – and the connected car.

Flexible connectivity Management

Dual SIM Dual Active enables car makers to deliver the reliable security, privacy, performance, and convenience consumers demand. It opens new usage and business models as you offer unique, integrated services directly to the consumer. It helps build trust as you provide a convenient, digital experience for your customers.

Grow your business and attract new customers by offering a convenient and secure digital user experience. Let your customers bring their data plan to the car and make it easy and convenient for them. DSDA automatically identifies and connects mobile data plans fast, secure, and seamlessly with vehicles.  There’s no need for time-consuming confirmation. Once the service is enabled, the eSIM activates when the driver enters the vehicle, and de-activates when they leave the vehicle.

Position your brand for the future as shared mobility services, such as car-sharing gain popularity. Instead of going through all the cumbersome steps to connect a consumer’s mobile device, the car instantly recognizes and securely connects to the private data plan. This allows your customers to use the streaming services they currently enjoy. It also enables frictionless data services in multiple user scenarios like vehicle sharing and vehicle rental services.

Increase customer loyalty through improved personalized experiences. Media streaming subscriptions are increasingly replacing classic in-car radio as consumer expectations center around media continuity and personalization across devices. Let your customers experience a positive interaction with your brand as consumers continue using their private data plans in any car while benefitting from cost savings.

Improved user experience – Dual SIM Dual active offers the best possible connection as it uses the external car antenna. This significantly enhances cellular network reception and signal quality. Your customer will be delighted as this does not drain the battery of mobile devices. And you are set for the future as 5G uses extremely high-frequency millimeter wave bands which could have trouble penetrating through the windows of a car.

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